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I'm offering three kits for sale to the forum members, before I put them on Ebay tomorrow night (Sun 6/10)


The first is a Model Expo solid hull Phantom 1800s (1/96) (the newer kit) still sealed. I'm asking $30 plus actual shipping. The shipping box weights 2 1/2 pounds and is 17"X10"X4"




The second is the Billings Boats Viking ship Roar Ege about 900AD (1/25) opened for inspection. I'm asking $50 plus shipping. The shipping box weights 4 pounds and is 27"X12"X4"



The third is the Model Expo/Model Airways (1/16) Sopwith Camel kit purchased new and only opened for inspection. I'm asking $100 plus shipping. The box weights 5 pounds and is 27"X12"X4". Note that most of the fuselage on this plane is wood, hence most of the laser cut parts are the wing ribs.








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