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Revenge vs Sao Miguel

Steve J

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Hi everyone,

I just finished my build of the Friesland, and am looking for my next build.  I narrowed my choices to either Amati's Revenge or Mamoli's Sao Miguel.  Has anyone out there built either one (or both) of these?  I'm looking for information about the kits such as quality of parts, completeness of plans, etc.  Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated.


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If you click on the topic below it contains links to indexes of every build log on our forum for kits.  These are downloadable PDF indexes with links to every build log in alpha order.  There are six revenge kit logs but no Sao Miguel which should probably tell you something right there.



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Hi Steve!

Note that I have built none of the two kits, but I am quite certain that the Amati Revenge is the kit with superior quality. That is not to say that Mamoli messed up the Sao Miguel, but Amati/Chris Watton develeped the Revenge kit just a few years back and I dare guess that the Sao Miguel kit was developed some 20-30 years ago. Mamoli could of course have upgraded the kit from time to time, but I'm not at all sure. 


You have built the Friesland, so you know roughly what to expect from Mamoli. I would however only buying one after being able to look into the box of that particular kit, to judge the age of the kit and quality of the parts (wood being brittle or corrosion in any metal).


When looking just at "facts and numbers" the Amati Revenge would be the better choise over all in my opinion. I have built a couple of Amati kits and have always found them solid. I have built a couple of Mamoli kits to, and was pleased with them too, but their age is showing. But who cares when the subject of the kit is appealing :-)


This build log might be of interest?: http://www.modelshipbuilder.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?23651 

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