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Need reccomendatipon for a good scroll saw.

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If you mean a scroll saw, the DeWalt model 778 is one to consider. It is a heavy-duty machine you should only need to purchase once. I've had mine, trouble free (apart from the occasional broken blade) for 12 years now, and it's cut not only a lot of wood, but metal as well. Of course, you will need saw blades specifically designed for cutting metal to do that.

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Druxey, Mahuna, and Pete38..... Thanks for your input will check out the units mentioned. What do think is a resonable price to pay for a scroll saw?


Thanks for the input.


Hopeful aka David

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That will all depend on you budget and what you want out of it.

I have seen some for around 100 dollars us that will do what you want and a descent job....and I have seen them on the internet for over 2,000 dollars us  :o


The 20 inch delta was $499.99 us delivered to my door. Has an air blower for the dust, a worklight mounted on the side, blade storage, toolless blade change, stand came with it and a very heavy cast iron table.

and a very nice tension adjustment right on top.


So get what you want the first time....after seeing some of your post in other threads (mill and such) you will do your research and find one right for you.


Good luck   


PS  you can see the 20 inch delta here  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/788-which-scrollsaw/page-3


Any question just holler   :)

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