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rigging of spanish guns around 1750

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I am building the Nuestra Senora of 1750 & have a question about the gun rigging - in particular the breech ropes. The plans don`t show any kind of rigging for the guns,but there are laser cut holes in the sides of the gun carriages which may be for the ropes to go through instead of being fastened to the cascabel of the cannons. Anyone know what would be correct? Did some searching online,but I couldn`t find any actual pictures or diagrams.





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I have seen a ring on an eyelet in a similar location and the breech rope passes through the ring to keep it dressed. Another had this fancy lions mouth with the ring in the mouth that served the same function.


Jim Rogers


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I found this, but it's french.

"French Naval 12-pdr gun on its carriage side view. Source: Jean-Charles Soulié"


All the spanish cannons I found was breeched the ordinary way. 

I have built one cannon for alignment purposes and I just inserted a brass rod in the hole so it looks like a bolt or something...

Mr. Pucko



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Thanks guys - I will then most likely rig them the "usual" way & just ignore the hole in the carriage:). Just seems odd that the instructions show all the eyebolts in place on the carriages,but no rigging - not even on the plans:huh:.



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