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  1. 1: I use mine until they break... 2: A caliper should do 3: I once bought the expencive bits and cried every time they broke 4: if the instructions goes by metric it would be easier with metric bits 5: I buy lots of cheap ones, I'm not a pro but it looks like I'm breaking them as a pro...
  2. Tjalle, check these out: https://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/AT-RT5205.html#SID=428 it's one of those "must have" tools
  3. Cool tool, but an inner diameter of 1,5 mm is too large for a 1:64 model?... And I've heard that it still need some afterwork as the loop is open and misaligned. So it may still be that the old round nose pliers is the way to go...
  4. Agree, The plans for the masts in 1:1 are wonderful, then come the rigging plans, a couple of pages at the end of the instructions...
  5. Ok, my book is 40 pages, so nothing is missing. I went through all the parts and marked them as wood or metal as I saw how disorganized the instructions actually are. I hope I got it covered. But thanks for the warning. There are a hundred things to keep track of here. To keep full control of the build (as with the PE parts) you have to jump from plan to plan looking for parts without really knowing what plans you should check. Sometimes several plans just for one area of the build.... Amati could have done that part a little better...
  6. Happy to be of some use. Now I see that I missed those parts under the poop deck. Good thing you posted that. You mentioned the "second book" and I only have one book. How many pages does your first book have? Hopefully I have a version that has your two books printed as one...
  7. I worked on the "Gotheborg" and lowered all the top masts but was up in the masts and not on deck so I missed where the belaying points where... Can't remember if there was one or two lines on the lift, but since there are two sheaves it seems logic that there would be two ropes as well... Could 411 be for the foremast and 413 be for the main mast? 410 and 416 for fore and main yard? 416 is described as "Driza verga mayor". Spanish "Driza" is Halliard so it would go to the yard... "main yard halliard" Found this pic that shows the blocks for the lift.
  8. Or is 411 the lifting ropes for the topmast??? And 410-416 for the main spar? I have to check this again tomorrow, now is bedtime...
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