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  1. Yep - those are exactly the same type of lifts we had in the shop I worked at. They are really quite safe as long as the pads on the lift arms were positioned correctly. We used to park cars like that whenever it was going to snow enough that the lot would need plowed - much easier to plow a half - full lot. Those lifts are hydraulic - each one has its own motor & pump. Mark
  2. Thanks Bob - I think I would just as soon tie ratlines all day than rig guns. The blocks are 2.5mm from Syren - I just can`t work with anything smaller than that. Mark
  3. Update - poop deck on & planked. The cap rails were added & the carronades were finally finished & set in place with all the rigging. The carronades are shown in the retracted position thus the lack of slack in the breech ropes. The railings will be added later - if not, I would surely knock them loose. Need to add a few more things & then on to the pointy end of the ship. Mark
  4. Got my first shot today - the wife of one of my sons is a pharmacist & her place had 35 doses that needed administered today or tomorrow or they would spoil,so I rushed in & got it. No ill effects whatsoever. Mark
  5. Looking good! Just got my first shot today. One of my sons is married to a pharmacist, so she has been on the lookout for me. They had 35 doses at her pharmacy that had to be administered today or tomorrow or they would be spoiled, so I rushed in & got`er done. No ill effects. Mark
  6. Watching the NASA channel, they said it took 11min. 22 sec. for the signals to reach here from there. Since the distance between here & Mars varies, I would think the communication time would vary also. Mark
  7. Yep - every time we lose a couple of inches another "Alberta clipper" blows through with a couple more inches & more cold. Current temp is -5F (at 11 pm), which is what the HIGH temp tomorrow is supposed to be. Mark
  8. That`s about how much snow we have on the ground here. The bad part is it`s supposed to be around -17F overnight Sunday with wind chills as low as -40 . I`ll take snow any day over extreme cold. Mark
  9. I use the gap filling CA from Bob Smith Industries also, but I use the use the odorless type with the gold label. It takes a few seconds longer to "grab", there is no odor or fumes that I can detect & is even safe for use with foam. Regular CA will melt foam. I went to that because the fumes from regular CA really bother me. The only drawback I find is that it`s a bit more expensive than standard CA. Mark
  10. Forecast highs this weekend - -2F! Forecast lows this weekend - -15 to -20F! It`s warmer in Alaska than here in Iowa. Mark
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