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  1. Simplified,yes - I was only referring to this particular ship,not the evolution of sail configurations. Mark
  2. You are correct - the lower mizzen yard is only used to hold the lower corners of the mizzen topsail. Very nice job you are doing,by the way! Mark
  3. Hi everyone. Haven`t posted for a while due to being tied up with house stuff. I have,however,got the topgallant yards & sails rigged along with attaching the topmast yards. Not perfect,but I think it passes the galloping horse test. Thanks for looking in! Mark
  4. Hi - I was also getting some bad reactions with regular CA. Then I found this at my local hobby shop - it`s odorless & seems to have no bad fumes. It`s even safe for foam. Since I started using this all the bad reactions went away. It`s a bit pricey,but worth it to me to be able to use it with no bad reactions. It seems to hold just as good as "regular" CA,plus it takes a couple of seconds more to grab,giving you a little more time to position things. It says eye irritant on the label,but it doesn`t seem to bother me. A 2 ounce bottle will run about 30$ - A 1ounce bottle a bit less. It`s made by Bob Smith Industries in California. Mark
  5. Here you go - with the kit being 1/87 scale(HO scale I believe), it`s not very big. Many of the details are molded on - hand rails & so forth - so a bit of work needs to be done to make it more realistic. With so many details molded on,there isn`t a lot of parts. Mark
  6. Wonderful job on the General! Just happened to think - I have a locomotive kit in the closet which I may start someday......................... Mark
  7. Excellent plan - that would appear the correct way to fix it. Just take your time getting the glue joint undone. A very sharp & thin chisel may help with the joint. Mark
  8. mtaylor has the right idea to compare the shape to the plan sheet. You have discovered the biggest problem with older Mamoli kits that are not laser cut - poorly cut parts. You may also want to compare the shape of the bulkheads to the plans before glueing them in place - you will probably find some of them a bit off. Good luck! Mark
  9. Thanks Frank. The starch I sprayed them with stiffened them up,but the wire was still needed to retain the curve. Mark
  10. Hello again fellow modelers - time for a little update. 3 sails are now on & rigged. I ended up using some fine brass wire inserted into the side seams to help shape the sails. Rope coils are being added as I go also. The boomkins were also added to the bow knightheads with their support ropes. Another issue is the flags - although very nicely printed,they are printed on some kind of heavy cloth with an adhesive on the back . They are meant to cut out & folded together,but the adhesive was no longer sticky. So I glued them with some fabric adhesive which made them stiff as a board! I couldn`t get them shaped at all like I wanted,so they will be flying straight out. Mark
  11. If you have a nearby hobby shop that deals in trains,they may have these track fixing pins - small black nails that have a round head. They are just about perfect for model ship work. Mark

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