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  1. Hi - another small update. All the channels are glued in place along with the fiddly PE support brackets. Extra brackets are supplied in the kit, but none are shown on the mizzen channels on the plans, so I did not add them. The extras may have been provided because the way they needed bending to fit it would be very easy to break them (don`t ask me how I know). Need to make up a bunch of chainplates next. Thanks for looking in. Mark
  2. I have a 1/48 Monogram B24J sitting in the closet waiting to be built SOME day. Mark
  3. It`s so dry here even the weeds have stopped growing! Mark
  4. My vote goes to the vintage one - the newer one looks like a cross between a horse & lion. You would think a newer design would be better, not worse! Mark
  5. I must have got the odd one - my kit was in a green box just like in the first post, but all the decorations were in trays - no blister packs, no etched decks or planking. That was back in the late 80`s if I remember right. Mark Mark
  6. I believe the Mantua kits actually use bronze for their castings - at least the older kits. Don`t know about the newer kits. As far as cleaning them, you might try a buffer wheel in a Dremel tool if you have one. They use the lost wax method of casting, so the residue may be some of the wax that has hardened. You might also try applying some heat to them - like a hair drier or very hot water - to see if the residue softens up. Mark
  7. Looks like you have the older version - I did this one a number of years ago & it builds into an impressive model despite the inaccuracies. I`ll be watching also. I wish that book was available back then. Mark
  8. Thanks guys. I already have pins in the channels - just haven`t glued them in place yet. Now, I am doing some minor house maintenance, so progress is still slow. Mark
  9. Just goes to show you can teach someone that`s just ignorant, but you can`t fix stupid! Mark
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