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  1. Thanks Popeye - I didn`t read a whole lot about the numbers or coloring - the more I read,the more confused I got. Decided to just leave it as shown on the box cover. The King will have to wait till I get a bit further along on my ship. Still got a 1/48 B24 sitting on the shelf too. Mark
  2. I`ve only ate at Arbys twice - got sick both times. Never again!! I now call them Barfys. Mark
  3. Started on the upper gun deck guns. The carriages are supplied in laser cut basswood,so are a little delicate. The sides,base, & trucks (wheels) are all provided,but no axles - looks like I will need to scratch them. A little disappointing that they could not provide one more little sheet with axles. Not really that big of a deal,just time consuming. The cannons are cast britannia metal & look pretty good. They even have a touch hole. I`m thinking about just glueing dowels the size of the holes in the trucks to the bottom of the carriages rather than trying to make them from square stock - being on the gun deck,they would be difficult to see. The base will also need to be narrowed at the front. Mark
  4. Looks pretty decent to me. As far as where the planking meets the bottom of the gunport pattern,you need to have a nice,rounded transition. A hard edge would be difficult to apply the second planking in that area. Someone who is also building this kit may want to chime in. As far as the low spots,sand as much as you can without getting the wood too thin,then filler is your friend! Those gunport patterns are notoriously difficult to get to lay perfectly smooth. You might want to check in some of the other Speedy logs to see how they handled it. Mark
  5. Thanks Richard - that Syren rope is The best I`ve found. The kit supplied rope is Mantua rope - better than average,but still not as good as the Syren rope. Mark
  6. I agree with you - This sub-forum should be kept separate from the ship stuff. I don`t know who tagged my build here - I didn`t. Mark
  7. Hi - back to the ship after a bit of a break. After re-doing the gratings,stanchions were added with a rope railing (Syren rope). The 2 stanchions at the bottom of the ladder were simply glued to the steps. The grating - ladder assemblies will be glued in place after the 28 gun carriages are mounted on the upper gun deck. I still have to make all of the carriages,so it will take a little while. Mark
  8. Looks pretty good to me,too. Just curious - can you do multiple layers,or is it just 1 or 2 & done, with no further benefit of doing more? Mark
  9. Remember the Yugo? It was very low priced,but the costly part was hiring a tow truck to follow you around. Mark
  10. Me too EG. But,on the other hand,has anyone else seen LF Nokia`s Santisima Trinidad in the ship area? His severe weathering is awesome - a refreshing change from the usual builds. I think his weathering process is actually harder to do than trying to do a build "perfect". His video`s are more informative than a ton of still photos. Mark
  11. Many thanks to all. Yes,minimalist it is - was never much good at weathering or making things look "used". Mark

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