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  1. If you have a nearby hobby shop that deals in trains,they may have these track fixing pins - small black nails that have a round head. They are just about perfect for model ship work. Mark
  2. Thanks ,zappto. As I plod along with the rigging,I noticed the kit supplied light colored thread for the running rigging is only supplied in one size,so I will need to dig into my stash once again for some larger line for the larger sails. The kit line is only .015" & is a shiny silver color. Mark
  3. Thanks Frank. If I ever do sails again I would most likely do them furled. Mark
  4. Moving along,all the sails are now attached to the yards. All the sails were pre-made,although without bolt ropes. I decided not to add them since the cloth they used is grossly out of scale & I didn`t want to spend hours & hours sewing ropes to crappy sails. The foresail is shown below as an example. Also, the studding sail booms were put in place along with all the blocks for the sail lines. I formed curves in the sails & coated them with spray starch - will see how they look after being rigged. I had thought about making new sails, but 1 - I don`t have a sewing machine & 2 - I don`t know how to sew if I had one! Mark
  5. Wallace has a good idea - try using toothpaste. I`ve used it on plastic & can get a mirror finish. Way back when I built plastic car kits I would polish the plastic body parts with toothpaste & it would look better than paint. Mark
  6. Yes,same here. The city in their infinite wisdom is starting soon on a "beautification" project along one of the major north-south streets that is full of holes. had a story on the evening news tonight about how all the repair shops are swamped with tire & wheel repairs. The bad thing now is we are getting a lot of snow melt,so the holes are full of water and you can`t see them. Mark
  7. We don`t have the drain grates in the traveled part of the roadways,but every time they resurface a street they don`t raise the manhole covers,so running over them is almost like hitting a small pothole. I know they can raise them because they have done so in a few places. Considering the cost of resurfacing it can`t cost that much to add a spacer or thicker cover. Mark
  8. marktiedens


    Anyone else out there having trouble with potholes in the streets? In my area they are so bad you can`t drive in the outside lanes of the four lane streets unless you like paying for blown tires & bent suspension parts. Driving on the two lane streets is like driving through an obstacle course! Been driving here for 50 years & I don`t recall them ever being this bad. The city(Des Moines) seems to be more interested in building bike trails ,skate parks,etc.,etc., then complain that they don`t have enough money to properly maintain or repair the streets without raising taxes again(which they just did). Mark
  9. Hi - a little more progress.. All the rest of the stays & backstays are now done except for the topgallant backstays - they will be added later(very little room to get my hands in to do some of the yard rigging if I do them now). Also added the railings on the tops - almost forgot about them. Just about time to fasten the sails to the yards - this will be an adventure since I haven`t done sails for about 20 years. Thanks everyone for looking in! Mark

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