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  1. Yea,it was built straight from the box - no PE back then. I think I got that far left engine cowling 180 off. Mark
  2. Hey Denis - here`s something I threw together MANY years ago......don`t remember the brand - may have been Revell or Monogram. Mark
  3. Best news I`ve heard all day!! Mark
  4. Snowy - Thanks. I will add a picture of the container. It`s made by BSI here in the states. It says it`s an eye irritant,but I haven`t noticed any irritation - unlike regular CA,which makes my eyes water among other things. Thanks zappto - yes,it is quite the project. I don`t know where I am going to put it when finished. Mark
  5. I am using an odorless medium viscosity CA. It`s a bit pricey,but doesn`t seem to have the bad reactions of regular CA,so worth the extra cost to me. Mark
  6. Hi everyone. Not a lot to show,but I have started the coppering. I decided to cover the keel first - I have some copper plates that were just the right width to cover the keel without a lot of cutting & fiddling. They had some really large nail detail,so I flattened them by squeezing them in a vice. The rest of the plates I will use as-is. I should be farther along,but I`m not overly motivated with all the bad news lately. The keel plates are from Model Expo & the rest of the hull will be covered by plates from Jotika (Caldercraft). Thanks for looking in. Mark
  7. Hi guys - I am also a member of the bad hearing club! however,I finally broke down & got some hearing aids - the fancy ones that I can pair to a smartphone. So,the next thing on my list is to get a smartphone. I had quit going to the movie theaters because I couldn`t understand half the dialogue,plus when I watched tv that`s all I did was watch it - couldn`t hear a lot of the dialogue. I am still getting used to them,but am happy with them overall. The bad thing is my medicare plan only covered a bit over half the cost. I don`t why they cost so much other than they are considered a "medical device". I think if you took a pair of tweezers & tagged them as a medical device you could sell them for 5 times the normal price!! Mark
  8. Thanks guys - yes,OC - the edges are not that even. They actually have a little curl in them which I could not fully flatten out. What makes it so hard to work with is it is only .025mm thick - it bends over just by blowing on it. At least I can say I tried it! Before I continue with the copper I think I will get the stand put together so I can drill a couple of holes in the keel for mounting it. Peeked in on your Constitution,Jeff - I hope my copper turns out as good as yours. Mark
  9. Hi all - I think my experiment with the copper foil tape is over. This stuff is awful to work with! By the time I get the backing peeled off it`s all curled up & nearly impossible to flatten it back out without wrinkles. I also couldn`t get a consistent pattern of nails on it,plus I had a hard time laying it in a straight line. By the time I pulled it off several times & repositioned it the glue on the back didn`t want to stick very good. It is also way too shiny & a lot of the edges had some sort of dark stain on them which I couldn`t get off. On top of that,I totally ran out of cuss words trying to work with this stuff! I am therefore going to use the plates I have from Jotika. The "nails" may be a bit out of scale,but they still look decent plus they are easy to work with. I have 3000 of them,which should be plenty. The picture shows some of the copper tape I tried along with one of the Jotika plates. Mark
  10. Thanks Frank - I got the level from Sears several years ago before they closed their store here - a really nice unit. It is self-leveling as long as it is within 4 degrees of level. It also has threads in the bottom so it can be mounted on a tripod. It can project either a horizontal,vertical,or cross beam. It uses 3 AA batteries,so there is no cord to trip over or drag around. I don`t remember what I paid for it,but I`m pretty certain it was well under $100. It really works well for hanging pictures,mounting shelves,etc.,etc. Mark Mark
  11. Hi Peter - I have seen the stamp ,but I don`t think I could make one to my satisfaction. I cut the plates a little larger because the copper tape supplied is 1/4 inch wide (6.35mm). I think I can line up the rivets a little better using a straight edge. I may try the 1.5mm rivet wheel & see how that looks. Although I didn`t press hard on the tool,a lighter touch might be better also. The points on the tool wheel are very sharp,so it doesn`t take much pressure to make an indentation in the copper,which is only .025mm thick. The hard part seems to be getting the paper backing peeled off the copper! I`m not really that concerned about how many rivets are on each plate ( I`m not a rivet counter),just that it looks fairly even. Mark
  12. Continuing on......Using a laser level,the waterline was marked & a thin strip was added along it to border the copper. Next, the rest of the black area below the wales was painted. Then,I cut a couple pieces of copper (6mm x 18mm) & stuck them on some scrap wood. Having bought a rivet tool some time ago,I figured it was a good time to try it out. The rivet tool came with 4 sizes of rivet wheels & I thought the one with 1.25mm spacing looked good,so I ran it over the copper,which made small indentations in it. The picture is a really close up,so the indentations look large,but at a normal distance they are tiny. I know they are probably slightly out of scale,but this is the smallest rivet tool I could find. Any thoughts? Mark
  13. Very nice story,OC. I have a short story - During the war my Mother worked building aircraft in a factory in California (don`t know which factory) While my Father was overseas. She said they called her "Ruthy the riveter" (her middle name was Ruth). She is now almost 97 & in a nursing home with dementia & severe short term memory problems. The sad part is that illegal aliens get more govt. benefits than her. Mark

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