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  1. Maybe we could talk Chuck into making some true scale pins to compliment his other fine products. Mark
  2. Had a little snow squall pass through yesterday & slickened the roads enough that there was a 50 car & truck pile-up on interstate 80 not too far from me. Mark
  3. Hi Frank. The cannons don`t look that bad to me - maybe just a tad big,but with this kit being 1/60 scale I don`t think they are that far off. But,as they say,my opinions are usually worth what you paid for them. Go with whatever you like better & no one would ever know the difference after seeing the great hull work you are doing! Mark
  4. Thanks O.C. - yes,I really like the heart shape from the bow view. The whole hull will look much better after the second planking & copper is done. Mark
  5. Thanks Mike! I think this is the hardest part of the entire build. The upper strips were no problem since they are applied to the concave area of the bulkheads - the only issue with them is they have to be in the correct position or the stern components won`t fit. The lower ones are the hard ones since they are on the convex part of the bulkheads - I had to use a bit of "creative" clamping on them. Mark
  6. Thanks O.C.. The port side is now sanded,sanded,sanded some more, a little filler here & there,sanded,& sanded some more. I think this is the first kit I`ve done that did NOT need any shims on at least some of the bulkheads - kudos to the designer & the laser cutter! It`s a bit scruffy looking right now,but as I said before,it is a smooth base for the second planking now. Mark
  7. Thanks Frank - The blending wasn`t too bad - mostly lots & lots of sanding. For some reason,the port side strips are not quite as even,so a lot more sanding is being needed. The strips needed to be soaked for 20 to 30 minutes in order to make them pliable enough to conform to the bulkhead curves & although I clamped them to the bulkheads & let them dry in place before glueing them, there was still a little spring-back which made a couple of slight waves in the strips after being glued, but not enough that I can`t sand out. I kind of rushed through the planking(some planks were still damp),so I am having to fill a few low spots. Since it will all be covered,I am only concerned with getting a smooth surface. Also,some of the planks were a little warped,along with slight variations in thickness caused some of the low spots(maybe a little bit of installer error also). Mark
  8. A stainless steel sieve works well also - it will not blacken. I got one from the kitchen utensil area of a department store & have used it many times - still looks like new. Mark
  9. Thanks Richard - being basswood,the planks were very easy to spile(bend sideways in this case)after just a couple of minutes in water. I don`t much care to do drop planks or stealers if I can help it. Mark
  10. Hi all - first planking below the gunport strips is done. No stealers or drop planks were needed,although a little filler was needed in a couple of low spots. Only the starboard side is sanded so far - took me all day to get it sanded to my liking. Need to rest my weary arm for a while before I tackle the other side. It looks a little splotchy in the pictures due to a variation of color of the planks,but it IS smooth. Happy holidays to everyone at MSW! Mark
  11. Mighty fine work,Michael! A quick question - did the parrel beads come in the kit,or did you buy them aftermarket? I`ve been to the craft stores & haven`t been able to find small light colored wood beads like yours - they are always too big or too dark. I`ve been using some bronze colored metal ones,but they still look like metal up close. Mark
  12. I see your point - maybe some different views of the stern area on the plans or more photos of a finished model would have shown this a bit better. I still like your solution & will probably do something similar when I get to that point. Mark
  13. Hi Peter - As that railing isn`t shown on the plans,I thought I would do a little checking...... After looking at the plans & building instructions,There seems to be an error in the drawings (or the parts). I took a couple of pictures to show this - in the first one it clearly shows the railing much higher than the transom. In the second one it shows the railing even with the transom. It looks like the way the parts are made that the railing has to be higher as in the first picture. I thought about cutting down the sides & lowering the deck,but that wouldn`t work because then the quarter galleries would not fit. Another solution might be to add an extension to the top of the transom,but then the decorations would not look right. It appears that the transom is simply too short. In the end, I like your solution & will file it away in the old memory bank. Mark
  14. Yes,great job Model Shipways AND Chris Watton - the kit designer. Mark

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