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  1. Hi everyone. The gun deck is now planked & false treenails added. I did the false treenails by just giving a small twist with a #77 drill bit - just enough to break the surface. A coat of poly then makes them visible,but not too overdone. I only did the treenailing to the part of the deck that will be visible. Also the edges of the planks were darkened with a #2 pencil before glueing down. Mark
  2. Thanks guys. On to the upper gun deck. The deck is provided in 2 pieces - a front & rear half. I cut both halves down the middle in order to ease installation & they fit almost perfectly.so they were glued in place. The written instructions say to plank this deck with tanganyka strips,so I looked through all the wood strips & couldn`t find them. I finally realized that the deck planking strips are provided as basswood. I have some tanganyka strips in my stash.but not nearly enough so I will go ahead & use the basswood from the kit. I also lined off the deck for a four plank shift using 100mm long planks. Mark
  3. All bulkheads are now glued in place,the dummy barrel strips were slid into the slots in the bulkheads & painted black,& the stern counter patterns added. I also made some bow filler blocks from balsa & glued them in place along with the bow deck pieces. The instructions say to plank the bow deck & build the beakhead bulkhead now,but I think I will wait until I see how the gunport patterns line up. Mark
  4. Hi Martyn - I used a lot of the photos of Clayton`s fine model (he is on the Vasa forum & has his own web site - not sure what it`s called),plus some of Corel`s plans. Fred on that forum may have some more info,although much of the rigging is educated guesswork since a lot of the rigging did not survive all those years in the water. If you really want to get it right,you may want to wait for the book - maybe you could do some side project in the meantime. Not sure how much Fred will tell you since it will all be in the book,which would be hard to sell if he gave out all the info beforehand. Mark
  5. Starting work on the ship,I first glued the 2 halves of the bulkhead former together & glued the stem & keel in place. Next,all the bulkheads were removed from the plywood sheets & test fitted along with the lowest gun deck,which serves as a good stiffener. Everything is dry fitted for now to see how everything lines up. Everything fit together nicely with only a few swipes with a file in a few spots. Sighting down the sides,I don`t see any bumps or dips in the edges of the bulkheads,which is a first for me! I must say the laser cutting seems to be spot on everywhere & even the edges are only a light brown,instead of burned black - I am very impressed with the kit so far. Mark
  6. Peter - I`ve actually been just sitting around for a couple of weeks & was getting bored,so off I go again. I was going to build an old Aeropiccola kit of the Essex,but the Vanguard kept calling to me from the closet. Joe & Mort - thanks for the vote of confidence. Frank - Yes,a fairly quick turnaround. There`s no admiral here,so I get bored pretty quickly. Mark
  7. Phil - my greatest concern is how well the self adhesive copper tape holds over time - I would hate to have to re-do it after all the masts & rigging is done. I have coppered 4 ships so far with individual plates & haven`t had a single plate fall off. Mark
  8. Welcome aboard everyone! David - since I have already done the Caldercraft Victory & Agamemnon I am familiar with the design concepts of Chris Watton,so I hope to do it justice. Udo - it was only made by Model Shipways for a short time. They stopped making it when Model Shipways & Amati parted ways for reasons unknown to me. Peter - I haven`t looked closely at the guns yet,so that remains to be seen. As far as the copper tape goes,I will experiment with it to see how it looks applied to something. If I`m not happy with it I have a package of 3000 copper plates from jotika that I can use. The Bellerophon & Elephant versions are not included - only Vanguard. Mark
  9. Hi everyone - this will be my build of the Vanguard by Model Shipways. This kit was made by Model Shipways for a short time under license from Amati. Included in the kit are 20 plan sheets,27 laser cut wood sheets of various woods,11 sheets of etched brass,along with all the usual fittings,plus a lot of cast metal items. All the rigging line is on Mantua spools & looks to be of decent quality,although I may replace some of it with Syren rope depending on the application. The rigging blocks look to be above average quality,but I will still probably use Syren blocks. Copper tape is provided for coppering the hull rather than individual copper plates. Also,all the guns are cast metal instead of turned brass. As I understand,the Amati version has the gun carriages made of metal but my kit provides wood carriages. There is a LOT of strip wood plus a large handful of walnut dowels. This appears to be a high quality kit & should be fun to build! A few pics of the contents....... Mark P.S. - please let me know if the link below works........took me about 6 tries
  10. Bob - thank you very much! Looking forward to your Winnie. Thanks Peter - yes,my fleet is getting a bit large. I have a ping pong table in my basement that has 12 ships sitting on it. Thanks O.C. - hope your situation works out. Thanks Bill - I started it in Feb.2018, so that works out to about 19 months although I did take some breaks. Mark
  11. Sorry to hear your Lexington is going on the back burner,but I`m sure you will do a great job on the Winny. Mark
  12. goetzi73 - thank you very much! sferoida - thank you also. Hope you can do better on the galleries than me. Thanks Martyn - I`m anxious to see how your Vasa turns out! Thanks to you also,Phil. Mark

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