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  1. Very nice - you will love that plank bender. I would not give mine up for anything! Mark
  2. Mark I have been following your build of the Royal William for some time. I could never match the standard you set but appreciate greatly the opportunity to study it. Thanks very much

    1. marktiedens


      Richard,I appreciate your thoughts very much!  I don`t think I could have built it without the advice & help from Pete in Australia,who wrote the detailed instructions available on the Euromodel website.  It was by far the most difficult ship I have ever done.  Their website is still up,but they have stopped production as of last fall. 

  3. Thanks OC. No need to do that Richard - from the size of the lower cap I may be able to just cut one in half & get by. I am still a ways off from adding the decorations. I don`t see anywhere else on the ship where these particular decorations would go,so they may just be extras. I just happened to think - the Amati kit has parts for three different ships where as this Model Shipways kit only has parts for the Vanguard variant,so the extra decorations may be for the different variations of the Amati kit. I think the etched brass sheets in my kit are from Amati,so that would explain the extra parts. There is a sheet from Model Shipways in the kit that says they have updated the instruction book & clarified the text (along with a few other changes). Mark
  4. .......And here is a shot of the main wale with 1 coat of paint - a few more coats will follow. The upper edge was painted before glueing on to get a sharp edge. Mark
  5. Update - with the main wale in place I thought I would make the top & bottom caps of the side galleries. I couldn`t quite make out the exact shape of them from the plans,so I just "winged" it & shaped them so they looked good. They were given a coat of primer,but are not glued in place yet. In the second picture there are brass etched decorations that go on the lower cap,but I`m not sure which ones to use. Only 2 are needed,but 3 are provided with all 3 having the same part number on the plan sheet. All three are also different shapes & lengths. Whichever ones I use they will need to be cut to length,so it`s not really a big deal. The parts list actually showed a quantity of 4 for this part number (377),but I could only find these three. Mark
  6. Yes, I ended up turning off the address auto-fill. Don`t know why it`s causing a problem now - never did before. Mark
  7. I turned off my auto-fill setting & still have the issue. I didn`t see anything else in settings that would affect logging in,but I am not the greatest at working with computers. Like I said,not a big deal,so I will just deal with it. Darn software companies spend weeks or months getting bugs out of their updates,then do another update & add more bugs - seems to be an endless cycle. Mark edit - I found another auto-fill setting to turn off & the issue is gone.
  8. Thanks for your reply - my browser was cleared. That`s always the first thing I do. I will check in chrome & see what I can do. It may be something in my auto-fill settings,although I haven`t changed anything there for a long time. I used to get both my user name & email address pop up in the log in window and would just select my user name,now only my email address pops up. Mark
  9. When I click on the sign in window my email address pops up instead of my user name,then I have to clear it & type in my user name. I have the remember me box checked. Checked my settings & all seems in order. Not really a big deal,just a little irritating. This started fairly recently. I am using windows 10 & chrome,all up to date. Mark
  10. As I start adding the wales,I need to decide which paint scheme to use. The plans show 2 different paint schemes - one has the black & yellow following the line of the wales,the other has the black & yellow following the line of the gunports. The first would be relatively easy with the wales black & yellow between the wales. The second would require a LOT of masking & trying to get a straight line over different thicknesses. Since I am not the best at painting I am leaning toward the easier one,which seems to be the pre-1798 style according to the plans. Mark
  11. Thanks Richard - could have been a little better if not for the splintery wood,but good enough as a base for coppering & paint (I am always overly critical of my work). Mark
  12. Thanks Chuck & Bob & for all the likes. The paint work is a little messy,but it doesn`t really matter since the hull will be painted black & yellow around the ports. Mark
  13. Update - hull sanded & gunports lined & opened up & painted. The last 3 on the lower deck will be finished up after the main wale is in place. I probably should have waited do line the last few ports on the upper gun deck, but will just work around them. Mark
  14. We would get lots of problems from aftermarket add-ons tapping into the wrong wires. Another big problem is mice - they love to chew on wiring & make nests in the heating systems. Had a car towed in once that wouldn`t start & after getting the car inside the tech opened the hood and a rabbit was sitting on top of the transmission - rode all the way in from were the car was towed from - & it had chewed up a bunch of wiring. Tried to catch the rabbit,but it took off when we reached for it! Mark

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