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  1. Thanks guys - it came out better than I expected (I am always my worst critic). Kudos to the designer. I should probably get back to the upper gun deck now - I keep putting it off because I don`t really like to rig gun carriages with all those tiny blocks. Speaking of that,I need to check my inventory of Syren blocks. The kit blocks are about average as far as kit blocks go,but Chuck`s are so much nicer. Mark
  2. Starboard gallery done - all PE parts fit pretty good,except there wasn`t room for one piece of scrollwork at the aft end of the lower windows. Mark
  3. Thanks Lou - I usually have problems getting all the stern parts to fit right,but it`s all fitting together pretty well due to the good design & accurately cut parts. Mark
  4. Thanks O.C. I don`t care much for painting,especially figures,but it has to be done. I can never get the faces & shadow areas right - kept having to re-do them. Mark
  5. Hi all - been absent for awhile. Kind of lost my mojo for a while after doing some major storm clean-up plus some minor damage control - slowly coming back now. I managed to get more of the stern trim painted & installed. The castings were well done & I decided to add some color to them rather than paint them all yellow ochre - much better looking, I think. Thanks for looking in. Mark
  6. Looks good. As far as the #34 part goes,I would add some material & sand or file it back to match the other piece. Or just install it as is - the small gap will not make any difference when planking over it,especially after fairing the edges prior to planking. Mark
  7. New case numbers are not always accurate either. I heard that a lady in Texas was tested 15 times with each test coming back positive - each test was counted as a new case! Mark
  8. Lou - I would drill holes where the ends of the slot is,then use a very sharp knife or mini saw - the kind that fit in an xacto handle - to open the slot between the drilled holes & finally clean it up with a small file. Mark
  9. I had the same problem with the plywood delaminating - can be very frustrating. Warping was also a problem - I could have used some of the keel former as a cereal bowl! Mark
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