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  1. Hi all - moving along at a snail`s pace, the upper gunport lids were glued in place & the ropes added. Then, I thought it would be a good time to fit the channels. After double checking the plans, I discovered that I glued the moulding above the upper gun deck ports too low & there wasn`t room to mount them below the moulding as the plans showed . So, after assembling one chainplate,I saw I could mount the channels above the moulding & still be ok. the channels are not glued on yet & I haven`t got to the starboard side yet. I still have to blacken the channel brackets &
  2. Thanks for your comments Harbour Dog. If you are looking for a good place to start, a cross section would actually be a good place to get started,as you would not have to deal with all the intricacies at the bow & stern. Mark
  3. Thanks Denis - what I have is a little blood clot issue which I am in the process of getting sorted out. Mark
  4. Nothing serious at the moment - just getting it taken care of before it is. Thank you all for your thoughts. Mark
  5. Thanks Frank - I actually "borrowed" the idea from someone else`s log (can`t remember who). Meanwhile, another little problem has cropped up - I will explain later........... Mark
  6. Minor update - I thought it would be a good time to work on the gunport lids before tackling the chain wales. First thing was to make a couple of jigs so the hinges would be equally spaced on all the lids. After adding the scuttles & eyebolts, they were painted - 2 coats of black on the outside & 3 coats of red on the inside. Finally, all the holes for the hinges were drilled & the lids were temporarily put in place to make sure they lined up - some of the mouldings had to be chiseled out a little for the lids to fit against the hull. Still need to drill holes for the lid openi
  7. Hi - another small update. The 3 deck railings were assembled & painted along with the belfry. Pretty straightforward, as all parts were laser cut. They were all glued down to the edges of the decks. The poop deck railing will get some hammock cranes & sand buckets, which will be added later. The quarter deck railing will also get some cranes added later. Mark
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