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Hi All,

Has anyone had experience with Alclad Paint?

Been using "Polished Brass" with component5s of A/L Sanson.

It would appear that the medium, once dry, does not take too kindly to handling....

Thinking of an Acrylic Lacquer to protect.

Any ideas/experience?



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Hello HOF,


I've been using Alclad Paints a few times for NMF on Aircraft models, mostly aluminium. I made the same experience. The problem seems to be the  very small thickness of the metal pigment layer, compared to "normal" paint. To say in short, I've been using an acrylic laquer to protect the surface, especially before applying decals. I highly recommend to make some testing, which product works best for the metal finish. I have achieved good results using Alclads Aqua Gloss Clear oder Mission Models Gloss Clear Coat.

Hope it helps.







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I would apply clear coats to all painted surfaces and especially prior to decaling and again after decaling. 


Also note in respect of Alclad metallic paints:


Your surface must be perfect before applying the metallic as metallic paints show up your surface defects.

Prime in a dark colour before applying metallic paints for best effects, use the Gunze levelling thinner.


YouTube is your friend



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