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Battery Pwered Demel

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You may be aware of the battery powered dremel. If not, here is some info and a few pics of the one I purchased a few days ago.


Model 7300 (Newest)

Two speds Low 6,500  RPM  High 13,000 PM

Comes with one 1/8" collet, Set available with 4 collets 1/32, 3/32, 1/16, and 1/8 as an accessory

Charger  (3 hour charge time)

9.2 ounces

6 1/2 long without drill bit or other accessory


Cost $45 at Home Depot   (Canada....less everywhere else in the world I'm sure.)

Accessory |Collets $13


Runs true and smooth with 0.60mm drill bit at both speeds chucked into 1/32 collet. Fits

hand well and is used as a pencil. Unit is well balanced. Most inportant.....unit is high tourque. Drills and sands without bogging down. Purchaced because I wanted a small but powerful unit without a cord. Don't know the run time.





Rests on flat bottom..Watch your eyes!






Hopeful aka David

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    I was looking for one of those about 2 weeks ago at my local Home Depot.....they did not carry them there..said sales were not enough to keep in stock.

Guess will have to go online to find one.


Is it working out okay?

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I don't know it that is what they are saying or not, but in my opinion it would only be for small holes due to torque limitations and battery life.


As far as repairing your corded dremel if you are confident you can replace high speed bearings, I would go for it...but it seems the tolorence will be very close with little room for error.


Me, if the cost of repair is 50% or higher the cost of replacement...I just buy another.... :)

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