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Shipyard Card Model - Rigging Materials

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I have just ordered Shipyard's HMS Wolf and will soon order HMS Mercury from Cornwall Model Boats both are at 1:96. However Cornwall do not stock the rope that is standard for the kit refer below:


I do not intend to buy straight from Shipyard as there postage is exorbitant - for illustration Shipyard wanted 120AUD (85.00USD) to ship the kit to Australia from Poland - Cornwall are shipping the whole kit for only 6GBP (8 USD)


Therefore does anyone have any recommendations where I can but alternate rope in Australia or if not in the US - I note Syren provide rope in different colours (though I am not sure what each colour represents) - Also I have the issue with these being sold in imperial measurements and after conversion the sizes do not correspond with the Shipyard metric recommendations, however I am not sure if small differences would be noticeable as long as I got to the nearest size.


Shipyard also sell blocks but I did not purchase these - has anyone used them and if so can they advise materials and quality.





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You just need to experiment with package sizing, this is where the big issue is with international PP rates i.e letter v parcel.


I just ordered  a lot of Tamiya tools from a company in Japan (hobby link) which you pay for when they become available and they are stored in  a 'private warehouse' for up to 60 days for later shipping.


Once all the goods were available and ready for shipping I sent the whole  lot to be quoted for shipping and the PP was exorbitant. I cancelled and then tried adding the goods one by one to establish when the size of package went from 'letter' to parcel this way I could work out how much I could send in one 'letter' size package.


For example if I has sent the whole lot in one go PP would have been 25% of the goods value as it would be categorised as a Parcel. By splitting the overall order into smaller shipping lots total PP was only 10%'of goods value as I reduced the size of each lot into 'letter sizing'


 I hope this makes sense. Sounds complex but only takes a few minutes of your time.


By the way there are several companies out there who will have a lend with PP, they lure you in with reasonable prices and then kill you with the PP , I think it's a bit of a scam. However once you get a feel  for what PP should cost you can easily weed them out and not buy from them in the future.


For goods within Australia it should be easy to work out what PP should cost by checking with AP.



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Gidday Richmond,

Thanks for the advice. I've noticed a lot of international sites, not just related to modelling, where postage and handling can be 2 or 3 times the cost of the item. As I said earlier it is hard when the Ozzie dollar is in the toilet. All the best with your rigging supplies.


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Yes, I have had this issue myself. Sometimes if you write to them and tell them you think PP is exorbitant they will sometimes look at it for you - they may have a simple computer system that doesn't take into account the intricacies of the postal system



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