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Euromodel kits: Il Pinco genovese


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Thanks Brian.

On the Pinco it seems as there is ONLY Italian instructions. But with the help of Mastini's book and a little Google etc I think that could be fixed.

Or maybe I'll take evening classes in Italian!  :huh:

Let's see if I can dig up the money for the kit this fall.




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if i build another Kit it will be the Euro Model - Royal Williiam, got very close to it this time but went for the Jotikka Caldercaft HMS Victory instead


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it was on offer a few months back at about 800 euros

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Hi Bummer! from that link you posted, if you go to customer assistance, from the drop down menu you can see "building plan translations", here you can download a pdf file of the text on the drawings translated to English, you do not really get instructions with the Euromodel kits, all instructions are on the drawings.

The drawings usually show a lot of internal detail which can be included at the builders discretion.

The models are aimed at the more experienced builder, but I think anyone who has built a couple of kits can build these models.

Hope this helps


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Jeez, must have been there dozen of times and thought that the "Pinco" was the only one without translation!

Now, when I went there the first one I saw was the "Pinco"!!!

Go figure. 






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If you are good on scratch building, I can send you by PM the drawings of a Pinco Genovese.

There are enough informations for building the ship model.

The drawing is a table from "Souvenir de Marine" of Admiral Paris, dated 1882.

There is no copyright problem, since the edition was the original one let available by a museum.

Many kit manufacturers take inspirations from this collection...


    Done:          Venetian Polacre http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/7290-venetian-polacre-by-cristiano-sec-xviii-from-original-drawings/

                              Halifax  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/gallery/album/844-halifax/

                              Ranger  https://modelshipworld.com/gallery/album/2175-ranger-revenue-cutter-by-corel/   

                              HM Bark Endeavour (Corel kit heavily kitbashed) : http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/gallery/album/125-hmbark-endeavour-corel-kit-bashed/                                              


                             Venetian Galleon (from scratch) - Pirate Junk - Sicilian Speronara (from scratch)

On the shelf (still packed):     Artesania Le Hussard....

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