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  1. Hi DARIVS ARCHITECTVS, thanks for posting this, I have known about this chap for a while and was thinking about getting some blocks from him in the future, he has a pretty good selection of sizes and they look pretty good, those hooks look good too! Thanks again. M.
  2. Hi B.E. I hope you get your build log back. Good luck! M.
  3. Hi Sjors, Thank you, and Anja for the Mordaunt complement! You must build that one, it makes a nice display model. I am working on a Royal William at this time (Euromodel), I almost went for the Agamemnon but the RW won the day. Yes I know! put up a build log! I may do in the future, I want to get what I call the boring stuff out of the way first, the first planking, cutting the gun ports and the second planking. We'll see how we go. Keep up the good work All the best M.
  4. Hi Sjors, Wow, you have done a grand job so far, she's looking fantastic. Good luck with the masting and rigging. I must check back a little more often! M.
  5. Very clever attachments bora, thanks again for sharing! M.
  6. Hi Sjors, your Agamemnon is coming along nicely, congratulations! I have seen the prototype of this model, its a fantastic model and its huge. The pictures in all the Agamemnon build logs don't really show the true size of this model. It must be a real challenge, one I certainly would love to try. Good luck for the rest of your build. M.
  7. Hi Chris, perhaps you could consider developing a kit of a ship like the Lenox, well documented, drawings are avaliable and a model of a ship like that would definately fill a hole in the market. These older ships seem to be left to the scratch builder, but with all the carving and decoration it is a very daunting task, certainly scares me off from attempting it, with your skill and passion for detail I think you could develop a fantastic kit which I think would be commercially viable. I know you have redeveloped the Prince kit and I have read a couple of times you would like to build Euromode
  8. Hi Spiderpig, pretty tough build this one I should imagine, good luck with it. I'll be looking forward to see your progress updates, she'll be a lovely model when she's done. M.
  9. Hi Blue Ensign, nice to hear from you again, thanks for your reply, much appreciated and helpful. I think I will take the plunge and get a copy, like you I find it hard to resist a new book on our favorite subject. Thanks M.
  10. Someone posted a review on this book on the old MSW, would anyone be willing to post a new review? Specifically I would be interested in what models are covered between say 1650 to 1750. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks M.
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