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Christmas tool gifts???

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As the holiday season approaches the family is asking me for a gift list.  I figure you can never go wrong with tools. I'm a newbie at ship building and just starting to build my tool collection.


So wanted to ask you more experience builders which tools you find to be your favorites or indispensible or for this hobby. Maybe something that's really not critical but would be nice to have.


This could include tools for any purpose: cutting, shaping, clamping, gluing, painting et. Prices can range from a few dollars and up. 


Gift ideas?



Current build: NRG Half Hull

Previous build: MS Bluenose 

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I have this little powered hand held sander with several different shaped head attachments that I find extremely useful in sanding interior bulkheads. Made by Micro Mark. Also a nice set of Veritas Thumb Planes for decks.


Jim Rogers


Damn the Torpedoes , Full speed ahead.   Adm David Farragut.

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I found the Veritas miniature planes from Lee Valley a worthwhile investment.  I use them frequently to thin planks and smooth off the hull.  I have their entire miniature collection bought in ones and twos over time.  Also Chuck's SYREN Seizing tool is a good investment.



Also WeCheer makes  a small corded and battery powered miniature  drill which takes all Dremel 1/8 inch shank accessories.  It's offered by WoodCraft. Excellent alternative to the larger Dremel tool

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