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best way to paint the mayflower?

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this is my first build and i'm trying to figure out the best way to paint the triangles on the mayflower.....I have a airbrush and i'm thinking of taping off the area and then painting it all yellow and taping it off in small triangles.....but what is the best way to tape off the triangles?




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A lot of kits of such ships as the Golden Hind, Revenge, etc. have similar hull decorations. They tend to use thin printed card, which doesn't look 100% great, but its not too bad either. So perhaps you could print your own and see how that goes?






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Another option would be to first spray-paint the respective area in yellow and then spray-paint a strip of plain water slide-transfers in green, cut this into triangles and apply these over the yellow area.


Depending on how the respective board fits in constructionally, it may be a good idea to do the painting, by whatever method, before the board goes on - easier to mask off and, if something goes wrong, it is easier to repair off the model.



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