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De Groene Draeck by Marcel2718 - Authentic Shipmodels - a new start

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Here my first update about the project Groene Draeck. Bought this kit from the Internet. So there is some restoration work to do. The first owner build the frame already and did a good job sofar. But as you can see there must folow some first modifications. The original has the cabin in white. And the used portholes from the model looks no good. So I ordered new portholes from the UK. Al togheter I'm glad to have this kit as my new project. This is not an easy model. And there are not many in production. But most of al it is still part of the Royal Dutch familie.


See some fotoś of the kit and all details as I bought it some months ago.


Suggestions ore tips gd1.thumb.JPG.d18d8801311e6b2a3b7669ff09dbfe80.JPGare welcome










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Mooi! Beautiful aak lines as usual. I think you have made a good and rare find. You will get a lot of help from brother Google as well, I´m sure.


The kit comes from Authentic Shipmodels Holland, right? Is this the same company as the former Authentic Shipmodels Amsterdam? How would you rate the instructions? Do the plans include bulkheads and bulkhead former?



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1 hour ago, Guus Rozendaal said:

Hi, I am planning to sell this model-kit, which is still untouched. But I have no idea what I could ask as a selling-price and through which channels this could be done best. Any suggestions ?

Guus, please see the reply I posted to your question in the new topic I split off for you.

Chris Coyle
Greer, South Carolina

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- Tuco

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