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How do I layout the gore line for copper plating?

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I’m new to forum and have been lookin for info on how to layout the gore lines for copper plating.  I am building a Kate Cory and this is the first time I have done copper.  On the plans it shows two belts, but my question is how do I determine where the upper belt should start and how do I lay that out on the model?  I have read most of the other postings on plating, but none seem to address this topic.  Any help would be appreciated.  At this point I am tempted to just continue the bands I have up to the water line and then trim the corners and go from there.  

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Would she have had goring belts? I have not seen a definitive date/locale where these started to be used. I have used The Introduction and Use of Copper Sheathing - A History as my main reference for my cutter (which at ~1815 is a little earlier than the Kate Cory).


"Both the 1858 Portsmouth Navy Yard and the 1875 Philadelphia Navy Yard photos clearly show the “no belt” pattern to Constitution‘s copper." see https://ussconstitutionmuseum.org/2016/11/18/new-copper-sheathing-2/


Not sure if this helps any.



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