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Tops angle


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I am just about to put the tops on my masts and was wondering about angles. The plans seem to show the tops (for fore and main) at right angles to the mast but the masts rake would mean that would end in the tops being at a slightly unusual angle. (The Mizzen on the plans has a rake of its own possibly due to the much larger mizzen rake)


So my question is whether this is expected or if I should position to the tops to be more perpendicular to the deck..

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The tops should not be at  right angles to their respective masts but tilted down at their fronts at the same angle as the mast is raked aft. 


As the tops are fitted to the trestle and cross trees Steele says :- "the foremost ends (trestle trees) are to drop as much below a square with the middle line on the mast as the mast is to rake aft in the length. That they may be level when the mast is in its place". Sorry about the somewhat archaic English.


Hope this is of help.


Dave :dancetl6:

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