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  1. The World Is Not Enough - Garbage (From the soundtrack of the James Bond film of the same name.)1999
  2. As per Murphy's Law, after being unable to locate my jig saw blades when I needed them (way back on post #2) for this project, I found them today while looking for something else.
  3. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson (Released a a single in 1979) This song earned him his first solo Grammy Award in 1980, winning Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. I have it on HIStory: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1.
  4. Trying To Get To Heaven - Bob Dylan (Time Out Of Mind album) 1997
  5. Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton (Digital download) 2013
  6. It seems that I was looking for it in the Modeling Tools And Workshop Equipment section but the topic was actually in the General Nautical section instead. My bad.
  7. Werewolves Of London - Warren Zevon (Excitable Boy album) 1978
  8. The local news station here just ran this story last night before covering news on the impeachment hearings. Priorities?
  9. The topic: So Where Do You Do Yours Then (Model Making That Is) seems to be missing. It used to be found in the modeling tools and workshop equipment section. I just viewed it earlier today but can't relocate it now. Justin P. just got an error message when looking for it after I recommended that he go there in answer to his question and he wrote: "I even tried the title of the thread and it still didn't come up, I got an "ACCESS DENIED - Securi Website Firewall"."
  10. Well Justin, first off I would suggest looking at the topic So Where Do You Do Yours Then (Model Making That Is) There are close to 30 pages of suggestions there that would be of help. I myself, have put my two cents in it on page 26. Personally, the thing I have found to be the most helpful to me has been mounting just about all of my equipment on rolling tables or benches. It can allow you to have more space to work in by rolling the equipment that is not needed at the moment out of your way. My entire shop used to share room with our cars where all I needed to do to work was to back the cars out, leaving plenty of space to move the equipment from the perimeter for working space. Once I became confined to a wheelchair, most of my shop moved to the basement, but I still find that having the tools mobile makes my work easier. (Not to mention much warmer in our WI winters.)
  11. Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix Experience (Electric Ladyland album)1968 This is still one of my favorite albums, both for the music and the memories of the time when it came out.
  12. Well this one came to my mind immediately. Cross Eyed Mary - Jethro Tull (Aqualung album) 1971
  13. Here is my not so good (or funny) trip on an Army Helicopter. Sometime in the spring of 71, while on temporary duty at the Ft. Sill Army Hospital, I had my first and only experience with an Army chopper. In a joint Army/civilian disaster exercise, I was volunteered (?) to participate as a victim in a major highway accident. My part was to pose as a victim with severe head trauma which required me to wear a neck brace and to have my head, including my eyes, to be heavily bandaged. I couldn’t see a thing after that and was strapped down onto a gurney which was hustled off to a waiting chopper and set inside with the doors still wide open. Well, the pilot seemed to think that trying some drastic evasive maneuvers was needed for some unknown reason or other. All I could think of the whole trip to the hospital was that I prayed that the gurney had been solidly anchored in place as I desperately gripped the sides of the gurney hoping not to be ejected from the cabin as the wind howled by me and he made some pretty wild twists and turns. I may have yelled out some choice oaths at the pilot, but with the racket from the choppers engines he probably couldn’t hear me at all. (That was probably for the best anyway since I’m quite sure he outranked me by quite a bit.) It was like riding a monster roller coaster with your eyes closed and you couldn’t remember if your seat belt was hooked up. Luckily, I had not eaten much that morning or I’m sure I would have left quite a mess to clean up. I have never been that close to a helicopter since!!!!!
  14. On The Other Hand - Sammy Hagar (Marching To Mars album) 1997 Well I, I got my friends And I don't need more friends I can count my friends on both hands Came an evil man and he cut off one hand Now I count my friends on the other hand Yeah, on the other hand Oh, well

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