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  1. You Don't Know You're Born - Mark Knopfler (The Ragpicker's Dream album) 2002 Just love the guitar work at the end.
  2. Looks like time for a scratch and dent sale for that auto dealer! On the bright side, the repair shops are looking at a big boost in business.
  3. It's A Big Old Goofy World - John Prine (The Missing Years album) 1991
  4. I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande) - Roy Rodgers And The Sons Of The Pioneers (Tumbling Tumbleweeds album) 1993 To me and most kids back in the 50's, Roy Rodgers (aka Leonard Franklin Slye) was known as the "King of the Cowboys" on radio, TV and movies. As a singing cowboy, he was more popular than Gene Autry.
  5. It does looks like an instrument used in the military. I have something similar. Back in the 70’s my father was at a garage sale and came across a WWII era Army surveying transit complete with tripod which he picked up for me since I had served as an artillery survey specialist while I was in the Army. It was quite similar to the ones that I was trained to use. I made good use of it laying out our two homes that I designed and built. It’s a very rugged instrument that I still have to this day. As the old saying goes: they don't make em like they used to any more!
  6. Even though he is short, his name is unusually long. And yet he still has his own personalized food bowl.
  7. Ghost Of A Texas Ladies Man - Concrete Blonde (Walking In London album) 1992
  8. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky - Vaughn Monroe (Written in 1948 by Stan Jones and recorded by Vaughn as a single in 1949.) This song was also recorded by many others including: Burl Ives, Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee, Jonny Cash and several instrumental versions by The Ramrods, Lawrence Welk, The Shadows, and the 1980's rock band The Outlaws. However, Monroe's version was ranked as Billboards number one song in 1949 and lasted 22 weeks on the charts and is my favorite.
  9. Life Of Illusion - Joe Walsh (There Goes The Neighborhood album) 1981
  10. Neon Light - Blake Shelton (Bringing Back The Sunshine album) 2014
  11. Light My Fire - The Doors (The Doors album) 1967 The 7:06 album version is far superior to the 2:52 single version.
  12. Underground Fire- The Ventures (Underground Fire album) 1969
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