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  1. If you can get a square head screw driver and square head screws they would also be easier for you. The bit won't slip out as bad as with those Phillips (X) head screws and you don't have to bear down on it so hard to keep the bit engaged with the screw head. Thus you can spare some wear and tear on your wrist. Of course you could always buy an electric or rechargeable power drill with a square head bit, but no sense doing that unless you plan on having a lot of screws to drive.
  2. The next time you need to put screws in by hand, just remember to pre-drill a hole slightly smaller than the screw and coat the screw with a lubricant like wax or even bar soap. In the states we have a product called screw ease that comes in a metal tube which is specifically made for this, any hardware store would probably have a similar product. The screw can be driven with much less effort and as an added benefit the screw can more easily be removed if necessary.
  3. Times Up! Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - Brian Hyland
  4. Any photos of the deck and its fittings would be appreciated. (especially views from the deck into any open hatches) I will be going to the TSC in Green Bay WI, but as I'm in a wheelchair I don't have access to the deck itself. I'm pretty much restricted to taking my photos from dockside. Similar photos of the Denis Sullivan would be appreciated also, as I would like to make a 3/16" scale scratch build of her sometime.
  5. Check out EdTs Young America posting part 312 from Nov. 23, 2018. He shows his unmounted yards for the mizzen mast including what he refers to as the Mizzen Monkey gaff. Then on part 319 from Mar. 2, 2019 he shows it mounted on the mizzen.
  6. What!!!! Shorts and T-shirt weather in March??? What is going on here? I'm jealous, man.
  7. Tall Ships Challenge 2019 This summer the TSC will be visiting the Great Lakes. The ships listed this year will be adding three new vessels including: Bluenose II, Picton Castle, and the Nao Santa Maria. They will be joining previous visiting vessels: Appledore IV, Appledore V, Denis Sullivan, Empire Sandy, Fair Jeanne, Friends Good Will, Inland Seas, Madeline, Niagara, Playfair, Pride of Baltimore II, Red Witch, St. Lawrence II, and Windy. The schedule listed so far is Toronto, ON 6/29 – 7/1, Buffalo, NY 7/4 – 7/7, Cleveland, OH 7/11 –7/14, Bay City, MI 7/18 – 7/21, Green Bay, WI 7/25 – 7/28, Kenosha, WI 8/1 – 8/4, Midland and Sarnia ON 8/9 – 8/11, Kingsville, ON 8/16 – 8/18, Erie, PA 8/22 – 8/26, and finally Brockville, ON 8/30 – 9/1. I have been to three of these events in Green Bay before, once in my wheelchair, and enjoyed them immensely! It’s like a big party with food, drinks, music and other activities. I highly recommend them to all MSW members, if for no other reason than an opportunity to maybe go aboard a ship that you plan on modeling or have already modeled. Some of the ships will also give you an opportunity to sail on them. For us ship modelers there is the opportunity to actually photograph and measure the kind of details that the plans either don’t show or show poorly. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!
  8. I only drink on days that start with the letter T. That would be Tuesday, Thursday, Today, and Tomorrow.
  9. How about a little farther afield: This Is Halloween - Danny Elfman (Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack)
  10. Spring can't be too far off as we've had a regular invasion of these pests for a couple weeks already. They come in three sizes: small, big, and large economy size. This is one of the small fry. The large economy size are more than twice this guys size. We've put out about two dozen baited traps so they'll take the poison back to the nest, but we still kill more than a dozen every day all over the house and have no idea where they keep coming from. Twice I found an ant and kept putting the bait in his path, but he kept veering away from it. Finally after about ten attempts they started eating the bait and I left them alone for an hour or so. When I came back they were both only about six feet from the baits, but they were already dead. Apparently they ate too much, and never made it back to the nest. Part of the problem is making sure that our bird doesn't mess with either the traps or poisoned ants.
  11. Fool (If You Think It's Over) Chris Rea Sorry, couldn't wait.
  12. Different movie all together. (Although it did have an aliens involved) It was the space ship in the Ridley Scott movie by the same name.
  13. John, I hope you and your wife can enjoy your voluntary retirement right away. Having been retired involuntarily in 2007, it took me many years to finally be resigned to it. Then coupled with my confinement to a wheelchair and all the changes that that required of my lifestyle, it eventually made me realize that perhaps it was for the best in one way anyhow. When you have a full time job and come home to your part time job there is very little time left to do anything else. I found that it would give me more time to be involved in other things, including my hobby that was always put on the back burner due to all the demands on my time for work. Enjoy your retirement, you've earned it!
  14. You're right about that bit Ron. They originally were designed for use with an old school hand brace and came with a square end to the shaft. The screw portion was to make the bit pull its way through the wood and thus reduce the effort required to bore a hole. Later versions came out for electric drills but the other end still has a octagonal shaft to handle the extra torque on the drill chuck. They can be used with power but the drill speed needs to be greatly reduced to allow you better control.
  15. Finally have a serviceable knee pad for the stand-up frame. And yes, it took all of four hands and many clamping devices to stretch and attach the vinyl! Had it been a simple shape, things would have been a lot easier, but of course this was anything but that with the thicker side panels. While it doesn't look much like a finished product, it work's for me. The thing really looks a bit like a makeshift MacGyver contraption with that split ring and bungee chord in the corner holding it up so that I can get aboard, but again, I can't complain if it does the job. I tried it out for about twenty minutes, and while some seldom used muscles were very tight to start out, they did begin to relax somewhat. I think that I should eventually last an hour or so by gradually working up to that. (That old adage of: no pain, no gain, really has no place in therapy anymore.) I guess the next step will be to replace the tray so I can be occupied with something while I stand there. Maybe I can use my lap top and visit MSW.

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