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  1. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel (Bridge Over Troubled Water album) 1970 This was the fifth and final studio album for the duo.
  2. And people wonder where the name longship came from!
  3. This guy looks to be full of BS. I've got you now!
  4. Calling Elvis - Dire Straits (On Every Street album) 1991
  5. Town Without Pity - Gene Pitney (Originally recorded by him for the 1961 movie of the same name.) This song, his first big hit, won the very first Golden Globe award for best original song, and was nominated for an Academy Award for best song in 62. This also led to his being the first pop singer to perform at the Oscars.
  6. In My World - The Moody Blues (Long Distance Voyager album) 1981
  7. It's a Man's Man's Man's World - Seal (Soul album) 2008 This is a song written by James Brown and Betty Jean Newsome and recorded by Brown in 1966. There have been numerous other versions of the song, but I prefer the Seal version myself.
  8. Looks like the can was shook up a bit! Must have been something he ate.
  9. I Need A Man To Love - Big Brother & The Holding Company (Cheap Thrills album) 1968 And then there was that crazy cartoon album cover by Zap Comix artist R. Crumb which is still in my vinyl album collection.
  10. A Lover's Question - Clyde McPhatter (Clyde album) 1979 Originally released as a single in 1958 with I Can't Stand Up Alone on the "B" side.
  11. Spanish Caravan - The Doors (Waiting For The Sun album) 1968
  12. I gotcha! I've got my eye on you buddy!
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