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Brig sloop / sloop brig Cruizer-class

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I have just received  Brig of War Irene the book.

I have spent ages on google looking for books with more hands on how too build the hull..planking decking and rigging for this type of 18 gun brig sloop ship.. I have not been successful.. Could anyone please tell me of a few books that will be more on how to build this type of 18 gun Brig.


The brig of war Irene gives loads of what needs to be done with lots of data..but lacks the how to do things.. how to be making the planks on frame..hull.. for this size of Cruizer ship.

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There are many books on ship modelling that can help. If (as I suspect) you are new to all this, you may want to start with something simpler. To get some idea of planking methods, look at 'pinned' articles on the subject right here on this site, at the top of this list 'Building, framing, planking, etc.'.

Be sure to sign up for an epic Nelson/Trafalgar project if you would like to see it made into a TV series  http://trafalgar.tv

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I once set out to paint every wild natural wild lovebird species and there natural mutations. Fot example the white bengal tiger is a natural mutation of the common bengal tiger. Each of my paintings contained to every detail 2 or 3 views  of the normal natural coloured lovebird and up to 3 natural mutation colours types..depending on the species of the Lovebird  onto each of the paitings. Each and every lovebird on all of the 7 paintings were painted to there correct sizes....the species are different in size.... I did not paint man made lovebird mutations or birds ando nly wild bird and types


I then went on to paint 3 lears Macaws to there actual size...huge sizes on canvas.... i visited and photograpthed every bird  that i have ever painted.  At 11 years old I build my first book shelf... 5 shelves tall it was taller than me.. aged 11


Suddenly about 3 months ago through a few different happenings i have decided I would like to build model sailing ships..


I borrowed two of the Harold Underhill books from the library... Planks on Frames vol 1 and vol 2


I have been reading them for 4 weeks now and i understand them very well.  I understand inches very well. So I already have sesoned wood castilo  beeach pear...  18 months old timber


My new book arrived Brig of War Irene... it has 2 separate sheets..the Irene Plans ..they  are the same ship plans as the irene ship plans that are in the book.


I have realised. it took me quite some hours of reading...like most of yesterday.. that i understand E W Petrejus's Book


On page 41 ..showing Irene/ship drawing where in the open hull where the masts go through the decks too the bottom of the ship..


I have not found anywehere in the book what the angles of those masts would be... the foremast can not be 90 degrees ... there must be a slight angle on this foremast   and the mainmast is clearly at an angle..


So i would like to know what would those angles be ???  Does anyone  know ?


Also on page 171 the full sizes of the masts are given and shown in drawings.. I can only guess that some of the bottom of these masts must go into the hull to the hulls bottom of the ship.. making the visable length part of these masts shorter...


The writer of this book has the Hull / plans in inches and the other built parts areas..masts so forth in cm 


The more i am reading this book the more i see the parts /sections of this book fitting togeather..

Even i can understand the data given...on the data pages at the back of the book / pages


But i have not found those mast angles ???

Can anyone advise me on these mast angles?


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Mast rake was variable. Whatever was shown on the design plan could be and likely would be altered. The mast steps had fore/aft space for fitting chocks or wedges which allowed the mast rake to be altered. Most new Captains of a ship would have this done to their preference on taking command. Have to say you are the Captain of this ship ;) up to you I guess. 


Is there nothing indicated on the plan that woud give you a rough idea of mast angles ?


'Bint',I haven't heard that word since I was in the Middle East over 50 years ago. Ah memories :rolleyes:


Dave :dancetl6:


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Just pulled out my copy of Petrejus' book (the English version, the original was published in Dutch btw, which may explain the mix of units).


On p. 261 there is a small-scale reproduction of the plans in 1:48 scale. In the cross-section one can clearly see how the masts are stepped on the keelson and one can also estimate the mast-rake from this. On p. 153 there is also a spar-plan that shows the mast-rake.


Otherwise davyboy is right, that the captain had some descretion as to the actual rake and it may be changed as a function of the load in order to optimise the behaviour under sail.



panta rhei - Everything is in flux



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