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Sakonnet Daysailer by Armchair Admiral - FINISHED - Midwest Products Inc.

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This was a model build that I had started a few years ago that had been "decorated" by my daughters. And by decorated I mean covered in stickers and painted pink! So I decided to salvage it as best I could and to experiment a little. I added a wooden deck, a spinnaker sail (dyed yellow - never tried that before) and curving the sails to make it look like they were full of wind. That required the use of wire strips to be sewed into the sail perimeters and some bizarre painting setups to get the shapes just right before I applied to some clear poly to stiffen them up.


Lots of lessons learnt on this one. The dying of the cotton was interesting - one mistake I made was not to wash the fabric after I had dyed it. When I applied the poly some drippings removed some of the excess dye and change the color intensity a little. Not super noticeable but there you go. The curvature on the sails came out pretty good and I was happy with the overall result. The spinnaker ended up being more like a gennaker sail and I didnt do enough research on how spinnakers are rigged and poled. Some helpful criticism from a forum on Reddit pointed out the errors of my ways so the lesson learnt there was to do more research on sails and rigging before executing. I could go back and change that sail out, reduce the pole length etc but I let it be. It was after all an experiment and I knew I would make mistakes.










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