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  1. I just received my Victory Models plans of HMS Revenge, drawn by Chris Watton, from Cornwall Model Boats. They are awesome! I have never seen a set of plans more complete. I will be building the Revenge after I finish Victory (I know better than to start another major project before finishing the Victory).
  2. The fore sail is now fully rigged and all damage has been repaired from earlier attempts to secure the starboard sheet:
  3. I have made some allowances for belaying (I am sure I will find more to add before this is done, lol): I forgot about the sheets. So I am working on adding them to the first 3 sails. @Dr PR made an excellent guide to rigging topsail schooners on this website. It has been extremely helpful. Thank you very much, Dr PR, for writing it. It can be found here: I have also attached the main sail to its boom and gaff. However, I believe that I will add the fore topsail first, because the braces tie off on the main mast and the main sail boom will interfere. Also Zu Monfeld recommends that one rigs from bottom to top, fore to aft. So it makes sense to add the fore topsail first.
  4. The Cutty Sark is looking great! Something that works for me when rigging in a tight space is to take the part of the thread where you’ve put the CA and bend it into a hook shape. It will hold the shape and still thread through your block or deadeye, but curve out to where you can grab it with tweezers. I had the same problem with the Prince de Neufchatel.
  5. So, minor problem. I neglected to create any tie off points for my vangs and other running rigging on the main sail. This means that I need to make some cleats.
  6. no, I do not have access to your article. Joining the NRG is on my to do list in the near future. Their journal (including your article) is a gold mine of information. I will have to read it when I join.
  7. I used a painting from the Navy’s Historical Office as my reference for masting, rigging and sails (and color scheme/details). I hybridized that painting with Hahn’s drawings in “The Colonial Schooner” and a Model Shipways model of the Sultana that I built a long time ago. I made paper templates of the sails using my model for dimensions. Here’s the link to the painting on the Navy’s Historical Command’s website: https://www.history.navy.mil/content/history/museums/nmusn/explore/photography/american-revolution/continental-navy-ships/continental-schooner-hannah.html Although, as pointed out, that’s conjecture too.
  8. Thank you all very much for the comments, the likes and just for stopping by! The jib sail is on and rigged! Next up is the fore sail!
  9. I built it years ago. It’s pretty straightforward. I enjoyed it.
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