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The dug in the basket? Scalemates.com

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Hello friends,


the website www.scalemates.com shows the development of nearly all plastic kits availible all over the world. So you can get some idea if the kit you want to buy is available under some other companies badge in a new box. By this you open the basket und you can see what dug is sitting inside - besides the loud box arts soundings.


But often the kit is the very same - only the price differs massively.


So I was able to caught my USS CONSTITUTION much cheaper as I bought the USS UNITED STATES kit! Paying not $ 100 - I payed $ 42. The difference in the kits are a changed transom and a two tier sidegalleries. As both will be rebuild at all there wasn't any reason not to buy the cheaper kit. Same with the Heller PREUSSEN clipper - if you want the full five masted ship you pay $100 - if you buy the CAP HORN you pay $30 less - by copying the fockmast once you can exchange the wrong mizzen mast and you get again a PREUSSEN. The saved money is easily spended in a good PREUSSEN set of plans for $20, detailings and paint... but you know how it runs usually. ;)

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totally agree that the research of ship models - and sourcing some second-hand off ebay - can save a lt of time and expense


I like Scalemates - usually very accurate - and it lets you know which are dogs to avoid ( like the HobbyBoss Trumpeter 1/350 Pola ) 

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