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Scale on Constructo Schooner U-604


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I’m a newbie to the site, and just getting back into working on the Constructo Schooner U-604 model my wife bought me over 35 years ago!  

What I didn’t realize at the time is there is no listed scale in the model.  On the plan, it is described as a “16-1/2 inch scale model schooner”.  If I was just going to build the kit, this probably wouldn’t be a problem, but I’m probably going to want to tweak it a bit so knowing the scale would help.  I’m guessing the actual ship would be between 60 - 80 feet.  It has a tiller, not a wheel, and there are 19 timbers per side for the rail.  I’m guessing there are some rules of thumb for timber spacing but i don’t have a clue what they would be.  From perusing various schooner pictures, it would appear a spacing of 3 - 4 feet on the timbers might be a good guess????

Some of the tweaks I’m thinking about would be adding a support boat, modifying the stern, etc.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  


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Welcome aboard, Jeff! I can't tell you the scale on your kit for certain, but the type is definitely a Grand Banks schooner. Just about every kit manufacturer and his brother has put out a kit of Bluenose at one time or another, so I would start with examining dimensions for that vessel. Also have a look at the many Bluenose build logs here.



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Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.  I've looked at some of the Bluenose logs, (as well as other schooners).  There is a wealth of information that will help me through this build!  My restrictions are going to be my skill levels, and the ability of my 10 thumbs.

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An excellent reference for these boats is "The American Fishing Schooners, 1825 - 1935" by Howard I. Chapelle.  Has drawings, construction details and history of the type.

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