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Mantua electric scroll saw.

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Has anyone seen or used this saw? Price and size would be good in my mini shop only if the quality is good...Moab


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From the photos and what little information is on the Mantua website, it certainly doesn't look like much for the money and the price doesn't include the power supply you have to buy separately. I may be wrong, but judging by the picture, it's little more than a toy. Given what they are asking for it, one could buy a decent entry level scroll saw new and probably pick up a very good one on the used market. (Lots of people buy scroll saws and then abandon the hobby they bought it for.) There's a world of difference between a bottom-end scroll saw and a top-of-the-line one and good reasons why the best are so much more expensive than the least of them. I'd look for something more substantial. If money is a consideration, spend what you would have on the Mantua and its power supply to buy a good used one. I think you'll be glad you did.

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