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Preac Clamps

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In the "Legacy of a Ship Model" Rob Napier refers several times to using Preac clamps for clamping small pieces.  In the photos they look like "c" clamps with a knurled knob for tightening.  I've tried searching the web for these, but can't find any reference to them.  Has anyone used these, and can you tell me where I might find them?





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I don't think you will be able to find them, unless you find someone willing to part with a used set.  Preac tool company made a great thickness sander and small table saw, and previously made the small c-clamps in the picture.  Charlie Files who ran Preac passed away last year, and it appears the company has closed.  The clamps had not been available for several years even while Preac was still in business. 



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Might be of interest to you..

Amazon UK sell some G clamps of the same size. Pack of 5 ref 59146.


Regards Antony

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