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  1. Circles, heck, everyone needs circles! She's looking crisp and clean… can't wait to see the paint. More importantly, your avatar is back… I mean, I love John too but this is more you.
  2. Congratulations Sjors, that is quite an accomplishment and you should be very proud. Beautiful details. Love that last picture for perspective… gee whiz, the Albatross is tiny by comparison.
  3. One more opinion… like you need it eh?… I like the bamboo the best as it has a unique character in it's end grain…
  4. I have never seen that arrangement before, not the one side clear coated with one painted nor the patch of clear in a otherwise painted hull. From a personal standpoint; I like neither choice as I would choose one or the other and certainly not the patch style. I'm not sure of the benefit to mask an area… That's my two cents... I certainly don't have a problem with painting, in fact the ship I am currently building will be a painted POB hull and I look forward to the challenge. I hope the planking goes great, without one speck of filler (one can hope) but I will still paint her as that i
  5. Good evening Adriaan, it's nice to see the GF get moving along again. I always liked this ship so it's good to see you back at it. From here, in the US, the hull looks pretty good.
  6. Very nice job Sjors. That sure does look like lots of rope… confusing to a lesser rigger as myself but you make it look easy.
  7. Welp.. Sorry but it made me laugh because it conveyed your emotions so accurately. She's looking good Brian and the next spirketing plank (I didn't even know the term until this build) will be an even better improved version. Sanded to 320 of course.
  8. Well done Alex, well done! You and Antony have a right to be proud of her. Rigging is hard and I think everyone struggles with it from time to time. The more you do it tho the better and easier it becomes so keep at it. What is the next build?
  9. I assume only the keel and walnut are glued together yes? If so, then Brian's approach makes sense to me and would work if thick enough and sounds easiest… or … you could add to the walnut with additional walnut (veneer) to increase thickness to each side to a desired/orginal thickness which might be a bit trickier… or … you could contact the maker for replacement parts. Any of them sound like a plan but above all else… it's not really 'fine' but life will go on as this is model building and stutter starts, repairs, redo's and oh-no's are part of the 'fun'. If I had a nicke
  10. Morning John. I have not read the book but a quick search yielded a good description of the book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Before-Mast-Death-Aboard-Archaeology/dp/1842175041 From the description it doesn't sound at all technical about construction but about how the sailors lived… their tools, food, life in general. It may not give you details about how planks fit or the precise spacing on ratlines but it sounds fascinating to read about what their life was like.. and from that, who knows what knowledge you could take away from all that. I'm not building the ship but I am b
  11. You mentioned this being a 'practice' run it was a bit of a failure,… hmmm, I guess we have different meanings in mind. Personally, I think it looks pretty darn good Brian. Besides, dropped planks and stealers were 'invented' for a reason… as a fix!
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