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Artesania Latina Harvey 1847 1:50 Scale - Cats Head and Forward Mast Fixed Rigging

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I'm a new ship modeler and I've completed the Artesania Latina Harvey to the point where I'm ready to begin rigging the ship.  The documentation that I have with my kit does not provide clear instructions for how to perform any of the rigging functions.  I've found some very good rigging videos on YouTube and feel that I can stumble my way through completion of this project but I'm not clear on the following two items:  1.) Cats Head Rigging, the attached photo shows my current cats head configuration per the build plans.  The build plans however do not show the rigging configuration for the anchor.  The anchor chain was straight forward but the rigging from the cats head to a double block is not clear.  Can someone provide a rigging diagram or photo of how this configuration should look?  I've tried two different configurations and neither one appears to be correct.  2). The fixed rigging from the bowspirit to the top of the forward mast has an unusual configuration at the bowspirit.  I can find any information on how to achieve this configuration without using some sort of block or deadeye to maintain the shape of the rigging where it connects to the bowspirit.  I'd imagine that I can configure the rigging and then coat it with CA glue to maintain the shape but this does not seem correct to me.  Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Cats Head.jpg

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 Pascoe.  I just re-read your note and am editing my first response   I assume you have the chain set up for supporting the anchor once it was up and in place to secure it .  For the cathead, the cat falls were used for catting the anchor.  The fall of the tackle was rove, running from the  double block and through the sheaves in the cathead.  The standing part of the fall was clenched to an eyebolt under the cathead and the running part led in on to the forecastle, generally to a cleat on the inside of the bulwark or sometimes to a timber- head close by.   (From Lees' Masting and Rigging)


What are the two lines going to the sprit, topmast stay and preventer stay or some other?  You may find good details in Chapelle's book on Baltimore Clippers.


I am sure there are members here with expertise in these clippers and can give you better information.




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