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Help Interpreting Frame Drawings

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Hi All


I hope that someone may be able to help me as I just cannot get my head around two of the frames on my Le Rochefort build.  I have studied them for days; made what I think are countless errors and keep on ending back to my confused start point.


The frames are rising coupled frames and I understand the construction of how they are put together.  My problem seems to stem from where they meet the rising wood.  They have a tenon in the floor frame and this is probably my issue.  I cannot seem to make the lines on the plan match what I think I need to do with the frames.


I have attached two pictures - One being of frames 1 and 2 and I have marked out what I think is my confusion. 


Point A - This seems to be the point where the frame meets the rising wood?

Point B - This horizontally lines up with point C on the drawing which suggests to me that this is actually the point that meets the rising wood.  That would mean that the line A may have something to do with the tenon.  However the width of the frame at point B would be too wide for the rising wood?


The second photo is where they sit on the rising wood for a bit more information for you.  As you can see I have managed to really confuse myself here so any help would be great.  I'm sorry that I cannot explain this any better :(


Thanks Mark





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If the wood between A and C is part of the rising wood, then your frame would sit on top of the rising wood giving the horizontal line in the drawing and it then matches up with C being your point of contact. Everything below C is rising wood and keel. This is just my opinion and others may see it differently.

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Barkeater thank you very much for you input I very much appreciate it.  I also after a couple of mistakes thought that C was my point of contact.  I couldn't though see that this was correct as point C at its base would have been wider than the rising wood which wouldn't have made any sense.


So I had a look at a further drawing and low and behold the rising wood is on the other drawing is exact same width as point C.  So looking at the drawing that I posted regarding the frames I think there is a bit of draughtsman licence going on here.  I think that the lines going down to the rising wood on this drawing just follow the natural line of the frames.  I would have stopped at the base of the frame and hinted at the mortise below.  Maybe even done another drawing to explain and emphasise the mortise.


This is my first fully framed build so interpreting the drawings is often an issue for me.  I left engineering some 35 years ago so reading drawings has become very much a homework project for me.  Thanks for your help :)

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