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  1. You could use Brass Black sold on Amazon. I used it and it appears to be the same stuff. Rich
  2. It's a matter of opinion and personal preference. I like the look of blackening compared to painting. I also put on Dullcote over the blackening which gives a duller finish. I have used black paint with good results as well. If painting do a test to make sure you like the color. All black paint is not the same color or finish. I think painting is easier but blackening looks more realistic in my opinion.
  3. I also go for 1 mm. It is easier to work with. Also agree Tanganiyka is good for decks but go with walnut or cherry for the hull.
  4. Looking good. I don't about system rig or jig. There are books out there on rigging but the ones I know of are for three masters. If you are talking about a system or methodology for rigging then think about it this way. Start with all of your central or midline rigging then move outward to starboard and port. On the picture in your manual that would be the lines in black which they presumably did in black to indicate the standing rigging instead of running rigging. Also start at one end and work towards the other. I start with the bow and work to the stern. So I would start with the bow worki
  5. This is from Sailing Man of War 1650-1850 by Goodwin which may clarify. The area you marked A is your rabbet.
  6. If the wood between A and C is part of the rising wood, then your frame would sit on top of the rising wood giving the horizontal line in the drawing and it then matches up with C being your point of contact. Everything below C is rising wood and keel. This is just my opinion and others may see it differently.
  7. I don't want to get into 3D printing but I can't find any sailor figures in 1/48 scale which is what I do. Seems to me that someone could make a nice side business in making 3D figures in the various scales we work in. I'm sure that there are plenty of builders out there who would be happy to buy some to add to their build. Checked out Hero Forge but they don't offer the kinds of figures I want for my builds.
  8. That's a pretty cool idea to build all the ships with the same name as the vessel you served on and the ships you list are quite varied in size and time period. I look forward to seeing your progress.
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