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  1. If you cannot afford a compressor the air cans are a waste of money. Instead get the spare wheel out of your car and inflate it to a nice high pressure. Then just connect your airbrush to the valve - job done.
  2. I use the Byrnes thickness sander quite a lot mainly on boxwood, pear wood, and mahogany. I’ve had it now for 18 months and I have only changed the abrasive that Jim supplies once in that time. I use a Bosch Vac and I find that it runs with no dust in the room as it extracts directly above the sanding drum. It’s extremely accurate and I love it. However - like all tools it does take a bit of time to get used to its feel and only then will you get the best from it. But that’s true of all tools.
  3. Wow - That truly is just beautiful. You have an amazing talent and should be so proud of your work.
  4. I use a chisel tipped black marker pen 3mm wide but most importantly it must have archival ink in it. I think the last one I bought cost about £3 so they are dead cheap. I have found that they don't bleed into the wood and putting poly on the top has no effect either. As always do a small test first
  5. Thanks for the tips all - I've ordered some erasers I think that its a great idea!
  6. I too have had this problem once or twice on my Byrnes saw. Once like you I was using a blade with many teeth and feeding the wood in too fast. Another time was because the wood I was feeding in was slightly warped. So although the blade was above the wood at the start of the cut it was level further along. And this problem becomes amplified because the blades have no clearance on the kerf so they bind and throw the work piece upwards. Over time and with much use I've discovered these quirks and tend not to get them anymore simply though experience
  7. Or you could always make a sled thats does exactly the same thing - for the builders that have a Byrnes saw a miniature one of these can be made very easily. Here's the idea
  8. Hi davec - I used to have the same problem as you but I solved it using my own table saw. As I understand it all you need is a true clean edge that you can work from? Or at least that was my issue. I solved this by fixing my 1 metre strips of wood to an aluminium 1m straight edge on the side of the fence. I then run the wood through the saw making sure that the straight edge runs against the fence. The aluminium is obviously no where near the blade and gives me a true edge on my timber. One cut is all it takes and everything else follows. Saved me from buying a jointer Mark
  9. I could be wrong but they look like they are parallel to the deck to me
  10. I've just finished a deck and used a 3mm wide marker pen that contained black archival ink. Being 3mm wide chisel tip it was easy to run down the side of the planks and it did not bleed into the grain. I think it cost £3 and the results are really good
  11. Hi Tracey its good to see Perma- Grit on here and thanks for letting us know about the competition. Going back to my comment - is it possible for Perma-Grit to make a two sided block that has 400 grit on one side and maybe 240 - 320 grit on the other? I would definitely buy the block sanders with this combination as my current ones are just to course on the course side. I do use them by not often enough - I really like the flatness of them and would like to use them more.
  12. I agree with the comments above - I have many of these tools and the finest side is still quite course for our needs. If they could make them with a less course abrasive that would be great for our kind of modelling. Unfortunately mine sit in the drawer more than they are used.
  13. Awesome - you keep building Dan and I'll be watching - stay safe bud
  14. Dan I’m so sorry to hear your news. I honestly don’t know what to say. Good luck bud and thanks for everything that you have shared so that others like me can learn and grow
  15. Noel thanks for the tip on the vice I think I may order one of those as they do look like a good piece of kit. Unfortunately I must confess to not being a yam yam. Although I have lived in the Black Country for 30 years I am in fact a Londoner - although my neighbours consider me to be local now!! marsalv - I thought that your vice may have been modified for more usefulness. Can I please also ask what type of cutters are you using in your mill. They look like router bits with a slim shank. I must also say that your ropes look extremely realistic which will sit very nicely with your amazing build

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