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  1. Yep it sure is - my last build was a kit which I think I changed about 85% of it to try and make it better. A radio controlled live steam powered Italian tug.
  2. Now I know what I said but this little gap has been doing my head in 🤣 So today my truck decided to breakdown so its a day off from work for me!! So I decided to make the thin little shims to fill the gaps and I'm glad that I have. I've not cleaned anything up yet so the pictures are just the shims glued in and trimmed to length with a chisel. I'm glad to say that I am "gapless" now and the average shim was 0.6mm thick. I only had to put one shim up at the stem. I think it will look better with a good sanding too. At some point I really need to have a good clean up of the entire hull but I'll wait until I've closed the bow and the stern. I can now sleep soundly at night; it can't just be me that dwells on these things - Back to the family now too! Cheers Mark
  3. Hi both and thanks for your thoughts on this. The keelson is now glued in as this was as low as I could get it after many hours of fettling it to fit. I felt that I had reached the point where if I removed anymore material I would make the gap wider rather than smaller. Having slept on this and taking Greg’s point I think I’m going to leave this for the time being. I’ll see how I feel at a later date as after all there is no rush. I have to be honest it actually fitted better than I thought that it would 😎
  4. Thanks for the comments 👍 I've now completed the keelson assembly or the patience tester as its now called in my home 🤣 So many joints on 4 pieces of wood that as I have found have to be spot on or it will just not fit. Making the parts was not too hard but getting them to fit takes literally hours. I didn't have to remove too much material to do this I just had to work out where to remove it from. This was for me one of those jobs where it would be far too easy to remove loads of wood and end up with bad joints. Cutting the notches in the curved part of the keelson was interesting as its so easy to loose the correct angle of the cut. I found that the best way of doing this was to mill out the vertical angles first with a 1mm end mill and then remove the centre afterwards. I was also amazed at just how little glue is required to hold the whole assembly in place. Because its such a high fit I only used a very small amount which was great as there was virtually no clean up to do. I do have one small issue - I just could not get the keelson to get fully down towards the stern. I have a small gap of less than 1mm so I really need some opinions on this. Do I just leave it as it is or should I make up some filler out of PVA and sawdust to fill the gap? Its a bit too small I think to successfully put slivers of wood in but I would appreciate others thoughts. I also still need to make a piece to fill the gap between the apron and the first frame but that's my next job. I cannot do any more work for two weeks as I've got family staying and they need my time but I'll get back on this when I can. Cheers Mark
  5. That's a really nice job and welcome to MSW too. The Cutty Sark is a special ship to me as I grew up in South London and as kids we used to ride our skateboards around her. That was many years before the fire and also many years before she became popular too. We pretty much used to have her all to ourselves.
  6. Hi Dave - I currently use a Bosch Gas20 vac on all of my tools but after a few years of use I've realised its just so noisy. In fact it really gets on my nerves now. It has great extraction but crickey its so loud!!! I've realised that I need something a bit quieter so I'm looking at Festool as a solution. I'm going to visit my local Axminster tools and get a demo so that I know its worth the money. If its quieter and also has good extraction I'lll be getting one.
  7. Hi Allan thanks mate 👍 I wasn't going to document this build as its my first POF but I'm really glad that I have. Not only do I get lots of great advice its actually given me something to look back at too. I've now made a start on the keelson and as per usual I glued the templates to the wood that I had previously made ready. Next I roughed out their outer shape which didn't take too long. I've decided to start on the keelson part that goes over both of the master frames. I milled out the rebates and also cut the scarf joints too. This is not difficult to do - but I took all of my measurements especially the depth of the cuts from the original plans. I find that I get better results doing this rather than just milling to the template lines. The keelson fits - oh boy does it fit in fact I struggled to get it back off of the frames when I needed too. Now it doesn't fit quite correctly at the moment as there is a gap of about 1mm - 1.5mm between it and the frame chocks. I've tracked this down to the frame rebates being slightly too high which also has the knock on effect of raising the final position of the stemson. I don't think that this will be a problem as I just need to sand the high spots lower, but you just know that it's one of those jobs which is going to take ages to get a good fit. I'm going to get this part right before moving on to anything else. Adrian Sorolla has this exact same issue in his book and he solves this issue by packing the gaps with slivers of wood. I may have to do this too but I'll try and reduce it first by sanding. Mark
  8. What a fantastic build your ship is looking great. I really like your attention to detail - I’m in on this one 👍
  9. Hi Pete - I've just measured my bench height for you and it stands at 900mm high. I have found this to be a good height for me to work at building my ship and also for my power tools too. The only tool that I have found that I use lower is my thickness sander. I place this on a metal cupboard that is 670mm high as I like to be over the top of this tool when I'm using it. I'm sure that I'm just talking about personal preference here which we all obviously have. I'm 5' 8" tall and this works well for me. Good luck with the new man cave as we all need one at some point in our lives.
  10. Yet another fantastic video - thanks Kevin for going to all of the trouble making these very informative and honest diaries of your build 👍
  11. Thats really nice work Mark I think that it will sand up very nicely indeed. I wouldn't worry about the time taken as it took me 10 months to plank my last build correctly.
  12. Thanks everyone for the tips - I'm glad to say that my hands are feeling much better this weekend 😀 I can't actually do any making this weekend as I forgot to go the the printers and get my plans reproduced for the keelson. I'm no good at drawing or tracing so I'll leave any machining to next weekend when I have a good set of copies. My wife has volunteered to sort this out for me while I'm away at work next week. I've noticed on a few build logs that people would like to see more posts about how things are done by the builders themselves. So today I prepared the wood ready for next weekend. The scantlings tell me that the keelson is 270mm thick and that the stemson and sternson are 243mm thick. So at a scale of 1/24 I need two pieces of wood the first being 11.25mm thick and the other 10.125mm. This is a big model and very wood hungry so I needed quite large pieces of wood to start with. The material I chose was just over 13mm wide so the first thing I needed to do was bring this thickness down on the bandsaw. I machined one piece down to roughly 11.5mm and the other to 10.5mm. Can I just say at this point I'm not going to talk about workshop safety at all. I trust that everyone looks after their own fingers and eyes appropriately. In all of the pictures the machines are stationary 👍 Next they were run through the thickness sander and I only needed to use fine grit paper as I didn't need to take that much more off. Then I ran them through the table saw to give myself nice straight edges and also make them square. If like me you have one piece that has no straight edges, just make up a simple sled using toggle clamps and voila its sorted. So now I have two pieces of wood at the correct dimensions ready for when I get my plans next weekend. The time taken was about and hour to do this including the clean up afterwards. I hope that his has been useful to someone - Mark
  13. Thanks druxey - I've just looked on line and found lots of bronze wool. I didn't even know that this stuff was available until then! In the past I've used fine scotch bright pads but I don't think that they will give the fine polished finish that I would like on this boxwood. I'll order some up and do a few experiments with it.
  14. Hi Everyone I've now faired the inside of the hull which really does take hours. My hands and fingers are killing me they are so sore 😂 I wouldn't mind but I was using blocks too!!! I have learnt not to leave any frame chocks protruding too far into the hull; thats another one for next time too! I didn't have many places where I needed to remove too much material. It was more about lining the frames up correctly - please remember though I do have scale on my side as these frames are thick. How you builders do this at 1/48 scale must make the process so much harder and more precise in the first place. I have to say its a lovely job to do especially when you get down to some finer papers such as 320 and 400 grit. You can just feel that things are starting to be right - it's hard to explain. I've stopped at 400 grit as I'm sure that the interior is going to get a bit bashed around before it needs a final finish. I'm not sure what you all use for a final finish but I'm thinking wire wool is probably the way to go when I get around to that stage. The next job is to make the keelson and I will make a start on that tricky piece next weekend. Mark - BTW I think I should say thanks for all of the likes too its quite humbling to be honest.
  15. Thanks druxey for the encouragement 👍 I know that my next build is at least a couple of years away so I can get lots of experience and advice in the mean time. The fairing of the inside is going well; in fact I think its starting to look really beautiful inside. I've been sanding for hours and I've got quite a few more before its done. I'll try and get some pictures up tomorrow but wow are my fingers sore from all of the sanding 😂
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