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Wood overlay


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Hi Guys


Just a thought.


I made Revell and Airfix ships years ago and want to revisit my youth. :)


I was wondering if it would be practical to overlay thin strips of wood over the plastic to make a 'wooden' ship. And indeed, replace some parts..a kind of semi-scratch build but using the plastic hull as the foundation.


Any thoughts would be much appreciated.




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Of course, it is possible to stick wood onto styrene. However, the veneers you would be using have to coarse pores and the surface is actually damaged by the process of cutting the veneer. The latter doesn't matter so much in full-size applications, but will be highly visible on a model. You would also need to sand, fill and polish the surface, which would be not so easy. Many wood polishes would, in addition, attack the plastic.


It is actually possible, to achieve quite convincing wood-looks by painting. On the Web you will find a variety of examples. Typically you apply a base coat of acrylics and then work with washes of e.g. oil paints. I am not showing the example of my Zuiderzee-botter here, because it is highly weathered, which is probably not what you are after.


Good wood has its price, which is one reason, why wood kits cost money - though not all seem to contain good wood. If you insist on wood, may be going for a small-scale scratchbuilding project is a good proposition. You are then in full control of everything.





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I agree with the first two respondents... it sounds possible but also sounds like the results will not really be what you will want and may end up costing as much or more. IMO ... either get another plastic kit to revisit your youth or find a wooden kit that you like and can afford. The two together doesn't really appeal to me but as is said a few thousand times on this site.... your ship, your decisions :)

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Ok, thanks for all the replies. I guess as I want to build a wooden ship I should save up the pennies. :)


also at places like model expo watch for the web specials and other promos they run, I have gotten kits from them at half off some times,

for example:



$50 for the kit that normally is $109


not bad for a starter kit.


well ok that one is not a beginners level kit but I hope you get the idea....

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