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treenails, or treenails + spikes

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The drawings from which I am building my model do not include fastener details.  So I am using a book on another type of vessel that, though not very similar in appearance, does share some key characteristics.  I have a question about how to interpret a drawing from that book.


The question is whether a detail for connecting frame timbers using treenails is
1) only treenails or
2) a combination of treenails and spikes


The drawing and more details on the question can be found on a page for our club site


Opinions will be gratefully received.


Thank you,




I've found the link with the anchor does not always work.  If it does not go directly to the section on fasteners:


1) go to http://www.hrsms.org/home/Cule+and+Chata
2) Click on the tab for Research
3) Scroll down to nearly the end of the page, where you will see a heading for fasteners

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To be clear, we are talking about both treenails and spikes in the same joint, not in different locations of the ship (all treenails here, all spikes there).

Why use both in one joint?  Perhaps the spikes give some immediate grip before the treenails have had a chance to swell?

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