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  1. I hadn't seen that one, it is huge. I thought your link might have to the Yamato until I clicked it.
  2. Guy, it might be quicker to PM him. He doesn't have any photos in the Gallery that I could find.
  3. Mario, what Dave said also goes for the rigging. You say the drawings don't match the model.... your choice then. Pick one. Or, do a Google for "schooner rigging" (which is what I'd do) and use what you find there. I would like to think there's some rigging plans or "how-to's" out there.
  4. I"m unable to answer your question as I make my keels out of one piece and "fake" scarf joints where needed.
  5. Looking great, Steven. One suggestion.. do not but Gene Krupa or Ginger Baker on drums to do the beat for the rowers.
  6. There's a pretty good discussion here that might help:
  7. Quite possibly there those of less than honorable intentions also visiting the wreck. The saddest part is the folks who have the power to do something or give someone authority to do something just won't do their job.
  8. Hand that officer a wrench and tell him to either help or get out of the way. On second thought... don't do that as it might cost you dad a stripe. All humor aside, we hated officers coming out the flight line and watching us repair something. The stuff they told us was usually wrong.
  9. Love the music, hated the news.
  10. Smack them once for me, Steven. I broke mine doing that.
  11. Welcome to MSW, Gazzalene. You might look at this topic and see it helps you:
  12. Go for it big time... I've told kids that I'm older than the Internet or cell phones.
  13. Daniel, Peter hasn't been on MSW since February. I'd suggest you ask your questions here; https://modelshipworld.com/forum/32-rc-kits-scratch-building/ and maybe think about doing a build log as it's a good way to get help.
  14. The number of teeth is a factor. The fewer teeth, the thinner the wood to be cut. I'm attaching a PDF on blade selection. It's for the Byrnes saw and was done by a former wood supplier we had. Even without having a Byrnes saw, it's very useful. Byrnes Saw Operation.pdf
  15. Not going to like that one, Bob. Thanks for posting it.
  16. Welcome to MSW, Jandrus. Do start a build log as it's a great way to share your work and also get help.
  17. No, that's a mill. No problem. Sherline is a good mill and so is LittleMachineShop.com.
  18. I'm glad that Rub-n-Buff worked. I was thinking toothpaste might do it, but the stuff you used looks fantastic.
  19. Thanks, I haven't seen one with that metal carriage before and it threw me for a loop.
  20. Hi Les. Are you planning on putting the log in this topic? If so, you can either do it yourself by editing the first post or let one the moderators know and they can do it.

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