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  1. Will the nails be left in the deck? If not, you'll have to fill the holes so think maybe treenails of wood. As for a nail pusher, may not be a good idea due to the amount of force needed.
  2. Ouch! I'm glad your injury wasn't more serious.
  3. Quick tip: Once you upload the photos, then move the cursor for the first picture to where you want it and hit the "+" buttton. One then continues that for each photo.
  4. Welcome back "home", Shortgrass.
  5. I thought an update was needed. Well, back on board the Belle Poule build. I have a pile of drawings ready for the laser and more being worked on. I'm currently sorting out the bow area and stern with the stern being the priority. I'm thinking another month of drawing work and I'll be ready to actually cut wood. Oops... forgot. I'm also reading all the other build logs I can find which seem to be only here: https://5500.forumactif.org/f35-la-belle-poule-1765-plans-jean-boudriot.
  6. I hope all goes well with the surgery and you have a full recovery.
  7. I guessing this falls under the "best laid plans of mice and men" then? I'm sorry to hear that as it looked like you had everything going right. I am happy to read that you'll finish her.
  8. Beautiful work on the cannon and limber. Love the details.
  9. Hmm... essentials Dave asks. Good question. I think it depends on where you are in the hobby. My go-to books are various monographs and then some reference books which are listed below. The Art of Ship Modeling by Bernard Frolich Historic Ship Models by zu Mondfeld (note: basic information for refreshing the mind... this book does have errors) The Swan Class Series by David Antscherl Once you feel ready to step beyond the "basic" books, and into the world scratch building (the "darkside" as it's called) your selection of books becomes more specific by either type or country or both.
  10. If you don't mind the wait time and shipping costs there are plenty of places that sell various species of woods. You'll have to do your own processing such as taking a sheet and cutting off the right size pieces for planks though.
  11. Just some more info.. this was not a decision made lightly. My wife has something called Early Onset Dementia with Paranoia. The divorce was to protect myself financially first and emotionally second. Seems I was/am the main target of the paranoia but she has put everyone into silos so no one gets the same information. It basically took my visiting her in the hospital after her last surgery and then after I left she tore the room apart looking for "bugs". They finally got their clue and did something. She has an "administrator" since I did not feel able to make decisions fairly. I'm not angry, crap happens. I'm saddened. Not much I can do except make what remains of life as pleasant as possible. If you want more info, look up the disease I posted above. I'm also open to PM's. I am going ahead with a new build which I have log for... the Belle Poule. Thanks again for your support and kindness. Those are things that seem to be disappearing in the modern world.
  12. Yes, it is wonderful decoration probably just because is something from a different time and place. Plus it's lovely to look at.
  13. Oh.... now it's clear Pete. For the iron, use black paper or if you want to get finicky, use blackened brass strips. I'm not sure Lee's would the be goto reference for a French ship. Maybe the La Renommee monograph might be a better choice.
  14. The only artwork nautically related (actually the only artwork other than ship build prints hanging in the workshop) are two old maps, framed and hanging in the dining area. Janet's aunt framed these decades ago and no one is sure how old they are. But they are quire nice. One is of Spain and the other Greece. The language appears to be Latin.

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