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  1. Thanks B.E. James noted that they do stand proud which is good. And 0.4mm sounds about right. I realize at this scale, somethings are tiny. I do have a pile of "dark" Swiss pear that think will good for the planking below the wales and use the kit pieces above. Now to focus on getting the first layer of planking down.
  2. Thanks for all the info, EG. Very enlightening.
  3. Could be. I just do "mix and match" in the evening depending on my mood. The shanties are relaxing to me.
  4. Question, EG. Pardon my confusion here. I assume the IPA can only be used once? Or can you re-use it? I know.. never assume but....
  5. Instead of wire for something that tiny, would monofilament work?
  6. A bit of Googling says there were 48lb carronades in use in the time frame you're looking at. In a schooner it would seem likely that a carronade would be mounted in the bow rather than a long gun due to space for recoil and gun handling. Are there any details on the schooner as to it's size, etc.?
  7. At an auction? Who knows. I've been to auctions and sometimes the bids go up a dollar sometimes several hundred or more at a time. I've done that myself more than once even on Fleabay... just raise the bid by some odd amount. Scares off those not serious.
  8. Boy, does that ever hit home hard, Steven.
  9. Thanks B.E. So far, so good. And thanks for the likes. I'm just about ready to start the planking. Need to print out my planking fan and do some marking up of the hull. I've finished sanding and fairing though I think I may have to revisit the stern a bit. Photos to bring this log up to date are below. I do have a question which I've not been able to sort out. Do the wales stand proud of the planking? Should they? I've looked at everyone's build and can't tell from the photos posted. I've looked in the manual, the on line builds, and all the drawings and can't tell. I'm also asking this James' prototype log. It's just nagging at the back of my brain. I managed to get the bow pieces right the first time.... whoopie!!!!!
  10. You might have a look here.... I realize they're in the US but.... might be worth a look. https://www.littlemachineshop.com/products/products.php?category=1963256893
  11. Maybe it's because of the link.... a lot of people don't like AOL??? Here's the direct link to Youtube. A bit of browsing in the poster's space on Youtube has quite a few videos of shanties.
  12. Breathe a sigh of relief, Alan. With the way shipping is from China (huge backlog of ships parked outside the west coast ports) I'm glad you got it. I'd have been worried too. For awhile last year, getting stuff from or to or from the UK or Europe in general was a problem.
  13. Looking good and I'm glad the problems are sorted. If it's voodoo, keep a chicken nearby for sacrifice. Maybe extra crispy?
  14. I'm doing the same thing as Jasek. I've broken a few off and when sanding this beast I support it upside down with the deck on some blocks. I'm not seeing any movement. Perhaps if the temperature and humidity were variable that might cause a problem.
  15. I too am sorry to hear this. I hope the treatments work. Keith is right... put it in the Traders/Dealers area.
  16. Hello Saif, welcome to MSW. I did a search and there's only one log for the Billing Constitution (see at the end of this post). I was surprised as I didn't know Billings a Constitution kit. You might go here and download the index and see what other Constitution builds are here. I would suspect that the rigging on those would be similar to the Billings. Here's the log:
  17. Sounds exactly like what happened with PC's back in the early days and printers.... laser, etc. Even laser cutters. Once the tech matures, some stuff will be left unsupported, perhaps no more filaments?). I guess I'm a bit gun shy on some things though I did jump into a laser cutter fairly early on and did get a bit "burned" by some other tech back in the day. The one good thing about the laser is that I can and did upgrade parts.
  18. Just to add to things.... Part of the 48 pdr problem was the weight of the ball and powder and the handling of it on ship. The Paixhans' shell was much lighter as it was filled with powder and the powder change was smaller also.
  19. That almost sounds like the real thing, sir. Back then, fit and finish wasn't a real priority it seems. And lets not forget the orange peel finish many cars had....
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