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Bluenose II now sprit color.....

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Hi Dave,


I think you may be looking for the original Bluenose so this may not apply. 

I am knocking together an old AL Bluenose II right now.   I made my bowsprit match the hull in a very dark blue very similar to the color on hof00's nice Bluenose II build log.   I believe someone posted a pic here of the real Bluenose II like that.

Inside the bullworks I made it white.

Gammoning strap and chainplates I made flat black, but I am doing this to please myself rather than for accuracy.

I looked through some of your log again. Very nice work, now I think I want to make my own ship's wheel.


Good Luck,


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On 4/26/2022 at 5:15 AM, CPDDET said:

My kit is the Bluenose, not the Bluenose II.

Every photo I can find of the Bluenose shows a black bowsprit, so that's the way I'm going.

And thanks for the compliment, mcb!


I found a link online that offered a PDF file called the 'Bluenose Practicum Standard'. At the very end of the PDF in the appendix area, there's a copy of a letter from a model ship builder to the company that built the original Bluenose. It lists the paint colors that were being used on the ships they built of that time, and mentioned that the Bluenose was painted as per the same. It lists the bowsprit as 'oiled, resembling varnish". Looking at other ships with a bowsprit so described, it appears to be unpainted wood, but with a darker tone. 


 http://modelshipbuilder.com/e107_images/custom/msbimages/eisnor/bn-1-4/Bluenose Practicum Standard.pdf


I found this image of the Bluenose bowsprit online, taken 'launch day' 1921, and if you zoom in on it (there's a zoom feature), I believe I can faintly see some visual areas of color texture that suggest it being darker toned oiled wood. 






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