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CA glue extender tips question

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Thanks for the feedback Nigel, I added the pictures to show the two types of applicators I am dealing with.


@Tom, I read that soaking the extender tip in Acetone with clear it up?  True or better trimming it or throwing away?

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as an American living in the 21st Century I don't like waiting on anything....I stand in front of the microwave yelling "hurry up",  :angry:  so I don't like "soaking " anything for a period of time, except for planks as needed on bluff bows.

I try to avoid the need to clean the extender by applying a little preventive maintenance and clearing the extender with air as described.  However when I get a little lax and forget, then I chop off an 1/8th on an inch or so and move on.



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I swear by these to apply my CA. I dont attach them to the bottle instad I put some CA on wax paper syphon a little up and apply to my work. If its wood it will draw it out of the tip, other materials I blow gently into the opposite end. My wife says I look like a crack head doing this but it works great and I dont get CA everwhere just where its needed. 

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