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Mamoli's Friesland

Steve J

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I'm expecting delivery of this kit within the next week or two, and I'm wondering if anyone out there has built this model.  I'd like to have any comments, pitfalls to avoid, etc. regarding this kit.  Also, being a history buff, I'd like to make this model as historically accurate as possible.  Can anyone guide me to any resources that may help me in this regard?

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Great Galleons has a build here that is a fair way through and looks great.


The metal cannon ports are ok but can be a bit fiddly.

The dummy cannons stick out too far from the hull.


The actual ship never existed as such but it is based upon the Hohenzollern model which was of a dutch 17th century 2 decker. The model itself was destroyed in WW2 but there are photos of it.


There are plenty of threads on the internet (here, at a dutch forum etc) detailing that the Friesland is actually a model of the Hohenzollern model.


The kit itself builds into a beautiful model.

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Hello Steve J.I built this kit many years ago .It is actually a very nice kit.I really had only one issue with it - the cast metal dummy barrel supports are not deep enough.As a result the bottom row of cannon stick out too far.I probably could have fixed it by insetting the supports farther or by finding some shorter cannon barrels.As far as research I can`t help you there - I didn`t do any research.I built it as they say "out of the box".





current build - HMS Vanguard - Model Shipways


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Hi, Steve J,

I have build this model many years ago. It is a nice kit not too hard to build (I was a beginner than). The issue I see, is with the scale of some of the decoration used for the rails. They determine how high the rails will be (as I remember). Looking at them now they seem too short (especially the entire fore castle, the rail around the companion ladders etc.)

There are a few photos of a dutch Man of war from the Hohenzollern Museum in Berlin in a book: Classic Sailing-Ship Models in Photographs by Morton Nance, Plates 23, 24 25 and on the cover. I also believe the kit is based on this model.



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