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Adding jib and flying jib sails to Badger

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Hi everyone,


I am researching adding furled sails to my Badger build, and am trying to figure out how to add the jib and flying jib sails.  I found a copy of the sail plan for the Badger online, which if I remember correctly, is taken from the Chapman book:




Flying jib:  From the sail plan, it looks like the flying jib is attached to a separate stay that runs from the fore topmast to the jib-boom.  This is a little different from what is in the Lennarth Petersson book where the flying jib stay runs from the fore royal mast to the jib-boom - then again, the Badger doesn't have royal masts.  So, I guess the question I have is should I run a flying jib stay from the fore topmast to the jib-boom like in the plans above?  If so, would the flying jib stay be of about the same caliper as the fore topmast and fore topgallant stays?


Jib:  The sail plan has the jib attached to what looks like the fore topmast stay.  The kit's plans only show a fore topmast stay, and no fore topmast preventer stay.  On a brig like the Badger, would the jib sail be attached directly to the fore topmast stay?  Or would the jib be attached to a separate jib stay?  The Lennarth Petersson book is not too helpful here in that it shows the jib stay running from the fore topmast to a point midway or so along the jib-boom, but the Badger is a smaller vessel and the sail plan above indicates that the jib is attached to a stay runningfrom the fore topmast to the end of the bowspirit.


It looks like I'll also have to figure out how to create travelers for the two sails as well (thanks Frank for the tip!).


Hopefully this wasn't too confusing.  Thanks very much in advance!

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