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Decision to leave natural or paint Syren

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Hi all,

I've looked through I think all of the Syren logs, and everyone has painted the model. I love the look, but I know when it comes to painting I am useless ( experience from plastic models and RC car shells)


I'm terrible at masking, and it hate the brush streaks I seem to leave.


Everyone seems to get such clean edges and an immaculate finish.


I was wondering what people tend to do...do they paint with brush or spray gun for the smooth finish ?



Does anyone have an example of the Syren not painted, so I can see what it might look like, as this is what I am thinking doing?





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Take a look at Rogers Syren log.  His is unpainted and it's gorgeous.  But keep in mind that it is 1:32 scale and that he has used some exotic woods in his build.


As for that question concerning painting, I use brushes only and acrylic paints, diluted....so it takes many coats.

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Thank you all for the tips.


I think I will do lots of practice on some spare wood in very thin costs using acrylic paints as seems to be suggested.


I just hope I can do the model justice!


Thanks again, you guys and girls are awesome




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I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the lack of brush strokes with that acrylic.  Just don't panic when the first coat dries ---  it will look horrible.  Things come together after a few coats.


Also, it's always a good idea to practice your proposed finishing technique on a scrap piece of identical wood before you decide on the final sequence for the ship.  This is also true with stain.


Now go have fun!!!!

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