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  1. Amazing work Ollie. I've been away for a few months, and remember you starting this build. The level of detail and your ingenuity was extremely impressive. I see you have continued on your meticulous build. I am still finding the time to start my first build, despite still ordering more kits! 2 toddlers, a puppy great dane, moving house, working full time, and a wife who just had surgery doesn't leave me much time.
  2. Or for IOS 7, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then select the circle with the padlock in it on the right of all the 5 middle icons and left of the timer and camera.
  3. Beautiful build Ron, and an amazing log. I'm looking forward to following your progress and learning along the way! Cheers
  4. All good ideas. Anyone know the best solution for getting plans to stay flat after being rolled or folded. My Syren plans area really needing some flattening. I don't want to iron them incase I damage them, but if want them nice and flat. Cheers Rowan
  5. . Close up of rust and bolts on canon I didn't have a ruler to work out the scale, so I used my wife stretched on the cannon. She is 168cm tall. More to come..
  6. That is an awesome idea, I love it. Will definitely try this technique out Cheers Rowan
  7. I think the ship looks absolutely beautiful how she is. If it was mine I'd leave it as is, and would be extremely proud of it! Cheers Rowan
  8. Thanks for clearing this up. As I've never physically seen ebony, I guess it's something I'll have to keep an eye out for. From everyone's description however, sounds hard to work with, and maybe not for a beginner. Cheers Rowan
  9. As I'm pretty new to this, I'm curious as to the differences this makes to painting the wales black ? Does it look better ? Anyone have an example comparing black paint vs this dye ebonizing ? Sorry for my ignorance, just curious, as it seems quite tricky, and not without risk if mistakes a made.
  10. Wow..that's an impressive looking kit. What are the dimensions of this one?
  11. You are doing a fantastic job...are you sure this is your 1st build ? It's making me feel very inferior when I finally get around to starting my build - work is chaos at the moment catching up after a few days off sick
  12. I'm looking forward to further posts on your AVS, you are doing an amazing job. Cheers Rowan
  13. Got another delivery today. Model Expo need to stop having sales. I thought I might add a cross section to the collection which was a bargain for $70 I purchased this before I discovered the fantastic rope from Chuck, so I doubt I will have much use for it. you can never have enough tweezers. I'm usually stealing my wives ones for model building, and now she is eyeing some of mine off this evening. I ordered a few books from amazon too. I'm sure all the information I can absorb will help. Being sick in bed is dangerous with access to online shopping and an addictive new hobby!

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