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Announcing the Model Ship World Ship Kit Database Project


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The site admin would be who probably has the answer to this question.

It is in the outside sponsor link section.  So even now it is a "relying of the kindness of strangers" presence.


This question is an irresistible  opportunity to wax philosophical.  


The database seems to have been a solo project.  A gift from a then undergrad for whom the demands of life made continuing it impractical.  It has been 2 years since he was last here.  If he follows the usual pattern,  he will be back to serious ship modeling in 30-40 years.  

It is a useful resource.  Even more useful if more data such as quality and accuracy were added.   Value judgements need an unbiased and objective filter.

This would be a lot of work.  With the elimination of slavery, about the only way to make the effort worthwhile is to pay enough to make it attractive.  This is not a pay site.  If it was a pay site,  the forum could be mined to produce a FAQ that would totally eclipse any how-to book.


Seeing a need is a fairly common occurrence.  Having the skill and enthusiasm to begin to fill the need happens from time to time.   Maintaining the initial enthusiasm beyond the initiation when the reward is the thanks of those served is a fantasy.   The degree of masochism required would have to come from a mind that did not have the capacity  to do the job to begin with.  The specie reward factor is unrealistic.   If evidence is wanted,  just check out how few of the members here are also members of the NRG.

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