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  1. Any experience on using dewaxed shellac as a brush on primer for small metal parts? Universally available and supposedly compatible with many finishes. Thanks Bridgman Bob
  2. A modern day interpretation of the Pilar has been built by the Broooklin Boat Yard maintaining much of her original appearance. It is described in the January/February 2021 issue of Wooden boat magazine with several pictures and description. Bridgman Bob
  3. 1ZWR8754YN14161273 Also received "Access Denied" when I tried to access the post about maritime museums, was able to access ever thing else. Lead in number came from that notice. Bridgman Bob
  4. Some notes on the book. It was published in 1942 by W. Norton Co. with a forward by H. I. Chapelle, who praised Grimwood book as an excellent guide book for beginner modelers having much useful detail to make good models without to much difficulty. Drawings in the book could be use to build a model from as they are clear and uncluttered. Subject ranges from brig of war"Boxer" to a model racing yacht, 1930s era, by various draftsman. If considering buying a copy, look for the first edition as the drawings are fold out and more useful. Bridgman Bob
  5. Video is a nice demonstration of Brynes saw capabilities but NOT a how to! Missed numerous set up steps and normal safety precautions that should be used with any table saw. Was nice to see workings of the Byrnes saw. Bridgman bob
  6. Sitka spruce is highly sought after wood for sail boat masts by contemporary wooden boat builders and was in use for years before the fiberglass era.The wood is light and strong and easily worked with sharp tools and saw dust is nonirritating. Takes varnish well with slight darkening,would assume it to take paint as well. Not sure how it would take to sharpe bends. Works well for sailing dinghies and have never seen one fail. Believe it would make a good modeling as it is light and easily worked in areas where a light color is wanted. Sitka spruce only grows in the
  7. It would be much more difficult and more inaccurate to cut a 3/4 x 4'' plank with the 4'' side at right angle to the saw bed. You would have to make more than one cut to go through the width. What should determine your final choice is having the grain as close to or at right angles to the final surface and make your selection on those pieces,as they will also be easier to bend. Bridgman Bob
  8. Les: Do you have access to a band saw? You would lose less material to saw dust because of the thinner blade .020 compared to .125", thus more planks. Blades are designed for resawing with special tooth patterns and off sets. There are simple jigs for a band saw that can make planks, ruff cut, to about 1/8". Bridgman Bob
  9. All, of the pictures photo of Grand Banks fishing schooners I have seen never show baggy whinkel on any vessel. As these where hard working vessels that depended on there sails they did not seem to think it necessary. Bridgman Bob
  10. As a starting point you may want to access the MIT library of N. Herreshoff designs and drawings of his work. They are, or have digitized, all his designs of marine fittings and hardware. He redesign numerous yacht fittings and hardware for his yacht designs in the early 20th century and they form the basis for current hardware designs. Word of warning, MIT is scanning everything, something like 14000 files! Bob
  11. Built same kit about twenty years ago, found it at the Ft Myers flea market. Couldn't resist it. Researching for more details on Pen Duick found a beautiful book, unforutunetely in French, of watercolors and detailed sketches of hardware, deck furnature and interior details. My attempt at Goggle translation is that it's a logbook of watercolors of Pen Duick under different sailing conditions. Title is "Pen Duick" by Marc p. G.Berthier, published by Gallimard, Oct 2001. ISBN 2-74-240779-0. Hope thats right. Artwork and sketches are useful for detailed model work. B
  12. Try using a liquid silver polish or something like "Braso". Then wash with warm water to remove Remaining polish from nooks and cranies. Silver polish can be usually found in supermarkets.
  13. Details of your mainsheet boom buffer can be found on pages 558,549 and 550 of Chapelle's "American Fishing Schooners 1825-1935". It consists of a cut from the catalog from the Edson Corp., manufacture of the device, which details dimensions and recommendations based on vessel size. The amount of details of various schooner components is almost overwhelming!
  14. Like you spent time on the Friends with grandkids during one of their visits to Michigan. Was curious about availability of plans as it seemed to be a good model subject. Interested in availability of plans in the future. Wondered why there was no model in the museum for the off season. Look forward to your build.
  15. Welcome to MSW, you'll find many and much help here. You aren't the only one in Forgottonia- or as commonly known Macomb. There are two NRG members here! Bob
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