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  1. Like you spent time on the Friends with grandkids during one of their visits to Michigan. Was curious about availability of plans as it seemed to be a good model subject. Interested in availability of plans in the future. Wondered why there was no model in the museum for the off season. Look forward to your build.
  2. Welcome to MSW, you'll find many and much help here. You aren't the only one in Forgottonia- or as commonly known Macomb. There are two NRG members here! Bob
  3. Lovely book of sketches of original Pen Duick, of the same, name published by Gallimard in October 2001. Authors may be Du Croquis A' Aquarelle and Marc P.G. Berthier. My uncertany about the authors is that the entire book is in French. Sketches are in color and black and white and show details of both interior and deck arrangements. Used book when I Built my model of Pen Duick as a source of information.
  4. Has anyone used or is familiar with a program for generating scale drawings called Raildriver? Seems relatively easy to use and comes from model rail roading people, Thanks. Bridgman bob
  5. Just a note on Shipways Mag, just received refund on existing subscription, good service to the unfortunate end!

  6. A book not mention n the above discussions is "Boatbuilding, A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction", printed in 1941. Not a historical book about ships, but as it has turned out a handbook of wooden boat construction methodology. Have used it numerous times as a reference for scratch building wood boat models. Bridgman Bob
  7. You are attempting to solve an age old problem that seems to go on forever. Using weight as a scaling factor will not give an accurate comparison since weight does not scale linearly as length measurements do. Your method of comparing actual material samples is probably the best method for comparison to a particular model.
  8. Mike: If the Byrnes saw is still you of your reach, you may consider a small table top band saw. They are much better a cutting thin pieces and would also be useful for cutting curved shapes. There are probably several good european manufactures. Bridgman Bob
  9. Try this web site from the UK: www.vmyg.uk. Its called the Vintage Model YachtGroup, its web site has a link to a instruction book for various self steering mechanisms and how they work. Looked interesting. Bridgman Bob
  10. Pete: Didn't realize plans for current racing boats were available, always heard they here " proprietary" because of the competitive nature of the races. Do you have a source that is available? Have you ever tried a paste wood filler on balsa, fills the grain very well.
  11. maturin: Find a source that has a copy of F. Chevalier's "America's Cup Designs, 1851 -1986". Suggest a mariners museum. The chapter on the Puritan has drawings based on the originals. Book is larger format and expensive, why the library suggestion. I used the Mariners' Museum in Newport News VA. They weren't to expensive. More later. Bridgman Bob
  12. Initial research, 2009, resulted in a response from fellow NRG member, and professional modeler, who had built the , model and had redrawn the deck to the correct scale and detail. He was unable to share all his research and his system was not currently compatible to his current system. Also found copy of plans from another kit, Bluejacket, possibly, that is no longer made. Found the same photos you did, plus something from MIT. No good details of the deck lay out, except for the Bluejacket plans. Meet grandson of the founder of Edson, who supplied some of the equipment for the original Puritan, winches and mainsheet traveler and others. He shared copy of that eras catalog showing some equipment. Mainsheet traveler was an unique design from Edison and not as shown in the kit. More later if you like, Im' not doing much with the model now due to time constraints. Bob
  13. Your workmanship is great! Great job on the planking. In process of building same kit, hull completed,deck furniture also. Discovered one problem with this kit! It does no represent the actual Puritan America's Cup defender! Scale of kit shown deck furniture and actual components are wrong. It has and is difficult to find historically correct info on these details. I'm still in the process, but about to give up and just finish her with what i know now. Bridgman Bob

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