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thickness of ratlines


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I use a black polyester sewing thread from Gutterman widely available every where - size looks good for 1:64 which is close to your scale. The threads easily to work with and comes in pretty long bobbins a good few hundred metres. The also do a linen version if you want a natuaral fibre.



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Ratlines are about 1/2" diameter so at your scale, .008" diameter would be correct. However, anything within a hair of that would do, most likely.



Scaling is always useful to 'judge' if the line thickness (and any other parts) look right.

I have been using thread that is .011 inch thick and to my eye it looks OK. Too thick, of course, when I scale at 1:76 it would come to 0.84 inch.

I hope that is close enough for Russ' hair.

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