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I know that I've got a build log going but I think that will possibly help anyone building the LONGBOAT 


I'm considering showing my LONGBOAT(LB) with an ensign staff at the Stern. The time period is c.1750 (or there about) and there are several questions to answer. None of my research has answered all and with one answer it often conflicts another so here goes.........


Q:  What color? White is the easy answer but I'd like to show a blue (if possible)


Q:  What configuration (ie, version) regardless of color


Q: Size for the craft? I can't find any source (I'm certain it exists) that specifies the size for a LB of 26ft.


Q: What side of the Stern to mount? I'll be displaying the LB to Starboard so that would be "money shot" but is it correct?


Q: What size staff?




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