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Hello there ; 


Tried it once.. I used PVA. But first reduced with some water. I made 1mmX3mm, three layer.. Their water way must be in opposite direction.. And made it sandwich with and 2 piece of glass for drying.. 


Give it a try.. 



There is nothing that a little sanding can't solve.. Bugra.


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I have used thin sheets of basswood making my own "plywood", making single layer and letting it dry before attaching next layer.

Regular wood glue works just fine.

Thin layer of glue even all over on each piece, let it dry for a few minutes so it's still tacky without getting glue on your finger.

Apply the two pieces and make sure you have even pressure all over. Let sit for at least 24 hours before next layer.


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Kurt another thing you should do is rough up the surface of the pieces you will glue up.  That way the glue will get into the fibers and make for a bettet bond.  I would use a good yellow glue and do layer by layer alternating the grain each time.

David B

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Thanks guys. That's what I figured. I've glued up the first two layers. The piece is 8x16 for a central former. Spreading the glue was tricky. I used a 4 inch plastic drywall knife. Right now it's under all the weight I could pile on it. I'll add layer three tomorrow.

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