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  1. Michael, nothing to say for your metal work. Just shocking! Thanks! Bugra.
  2. Impressive Luca! Please keep moving on this amazing work. Very sharp and clean! Thanks for sharing with us. Can't wait for new photos Cheers, Bugra.
  3. Wow, just saw this post. Welcome to the MSW Doğan. You're doing great, step by step and careful. Please, keep pictures coming. I wish you good luck during the way to the success Merhaba Doğan Abi, burada gördüğüme sevindim. Çok güzel gidiyor, ellerine sağlık. Daha fazla fotoğraf bekliyoruz Başarıya giden yolda bol şans Bugra.
  4. Tony, You've great building log. Very detailed and explanied every step well. Thanks for sharing with us. Carriages and that cannon! Fantastic work done here Bugra.
  5. Looking good Kutay. I strongly don't recommend usin CA for planking. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it may dry fast but causes lots of time loosing while sanding.. If you make any mistake, there is no time for fix it. Exteremely Unhealty etc.. White wood glue is best for planking. Anyway, keep it up. Good luck with sanding & putty process
  6. Hey Nenad, Fore deck bulkwark looks great ! Share us the test results please, excited about planking Cheers, Bugra.
  7. Amazing work done well again Ed. Really inspriational log you're doing. Thanks for sharing again! And congratulations. Bugra.
  8. Welcome back Greg. Unfortunately forum had some issues. For more information please check the link below, http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/187-all-the-content-on-the-site-was-lost-we-need-to-start-from-scratch/ And of course she look great! Please share more detailed pictures with us. Bugra.
  9. Hey Nils ; To be honest, there is nothing to say, even a word. Just, you have really incredible blacksmith skills. Wow, just a big WOW.. Bugra.
  10. Oh, I didn't notice that company in Germany.. Sure it's worth to give it a try, thanks for warn Doug!
  11. Hey there! Just found these CA glue applicators. It's hard to get for me since being in Turkey. But may be useful for someone Check the link below. http://www.uschivdr.com/products-in-detail/ca-glue-applicator/ And with this note made me smile ; " Easy cleaning with Acetone or an open Flame, like a candle for instance.:-) Please dont do this at the same time, ok? Thank you. :-) " Cheers, Bugra.
  12. Wow, Russ.. Thinking how did I miss this beauty. She looks great and that deck, amazing work done! Keep it up please. Bugra.
  13. Thank you Sinan, hope this gives a little idea about it. While waiting for couplin made some paint work. I love black! Now, the power source looks like this. Cheers, Bugra.
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