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tips on building plastic tall ships


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Yes, I agree...very expensive.  I'll also say that unless you just really want a book to look through, all the content that is contained in the book is covered at some point on this site and is in greater detail than the book.  Plus there are quite a few build logs on the Constitution in plastic that are very active at this point that also cover the same material as in the book.  But with that said, there is still nothing like holding a real paper book...   :)

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In my opinion the information found in any ship modelling book can be applied to any building medium.  You will find that most of your research will be about how things were done 'back in the day'  as opposed to what materials to use.


I am building a ship from a plastic kit, but so far I have kitbashed various items from plastic, steel, brass and wood.  



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Current Build:  Le Soleil Royal

Completed Build Amerigo Vespucci

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Hi, Steve


This is just my personal opinions on the matter. It all depends on what kind of tips do you want for your build.


I think that navy plastic kits do their best with modern warships, not with the sailing ships. As you know, I'm building the Revel's USS Constitution as well (well, kind of, I'm on hold for now), and I've built their Gorch Fock and HMS Victory.


What I recommend for builders of plastic tall ships: plank the deck with thin wood strips. The effect is great. Replace the masts with wood shaped accordingly (their plastic masts are warped anyway, and if not, it will be soon). Replace the funny plastic sails with real cloth sails. On the other hand, plastic kits of sailing ships have great detailed hulls... especially when the hull is painted (English ships 1700+, for example).


If you have any questions on painting your Connie, or any other specific issue, please post it! I'm sure there are many on these site to answer you (I know there are several people building Revel's Connie).

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Current build: Constructo's Union, 1:100 Brigantine

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