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  1. Glad to see another Royal William started. I've always wanted to add one of these to my stash so I'll pull up a chair. I'll be interested to hear how useful the "interpretive information" on the Euromodel site is. Some of it looks good. I also like your workroom setup...very functional. Enjoy! Mark
  2. Wow, just when you think you've seen most everything....never seen anything like those.
  3. Jud, thanks for the visual of Grandad...which is what I called mine. I got his image doing that very thing. Grandad is also what my granddaughters call me. Mark
  4. Very neat and clean work, Bob. It's amazing to me that you can have all those joints and not have any gaps....really good looking! Mark
  5. I'm pulling up a chair as well. Here are a couple of jugs of my "special" margaritas...don't worry, there is plenty to go around... Mark
  6. Wow Nenad, it looks really good. It's been quite a journey! Mark
  7. I've got a Mamoli Constitution in the box and a Revell Constitution in the yard, that was started in the late 70's....where did the time go? This is a great ship and you are doing her proud sir! Mark
  8. Wow, Chris, great looking Confederacy! I'll pull up a chair. Not sure how I missed this. Mark Springer
  9. Rich, Love your bedspread work area! Been there and done that. The build is the important thing. Keep up the good work and thanks for taking all the time to keep the log up to date. Mark
  10. Gotcha.... I think I could make an educated guess on what would or would not work with basswood. How do you determine your boxwood supply? Do you just order general stock and then mill it yourself? Or do you have a good enough idea beforehand that you order all that you will need in exact sizes? I've only had kits and never bought any fancy stuff...still a bit fuzzy over how that process works. Thanks again.
  11. Mark, your work is just incredible and very inspiring. I also like the fact that you had said it is all primarily basswood...something that is readily available. It makes me think I might want to try this since I would have more stock at the local hobby shop if needed. Thanks for taking all the time and effort to keep such a detailed log of your build. Mark Springer
  12. Nenad, it's rather odd...but the Legos seem to be multiplying at an alarming rate. Where once there was only one set, there are now 6 separate and distinct sets. The 4 year old knows the exact inventory of each of hers. So far the ship yard and the lego yard are coexisting peacefully. I found that I only use a small subset of the total inventory of pointy sharp tools, and I have these in a small plastic storage shelf set that I can easily put away in the closet. Alan, I think that means it's time for you to upgrade your collection!
  13. Hi Sherry, Your work is totally incredible and a real inspiration! I really enjoy seeing the great detail. Thanks for taking the time to share the photos. You might have already said, but what kind of wood are the carvings? I assume you did those with just a knife and some sandpaper? Mark
  14. The decks are looking really good. That must have been some serious dust to call on both Gandalf and Jon Snow.... Keep up the great progress. Mark
  15. Let me add my best wishes for a Happy Birthday! And, yes, cable management can be a real bear...
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