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Making Mini Milling Machine with Compound Table - Bugra

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Hey there ; 


Actually I don't like using any power tools while modelling. But I guess this is a must for future projects. Sometimes sanding is not enough :)


I was thinking this project for a long time. So, decided to get to work on this. 


I didn't draw any plan or sth. Everything is in my mind. Sorry for this.





PART 1 - Power Source 


First of all, I need a power source. After thinking, making it "universal" is the best. I mean, for all the future hand made power machines I will use this source.


I have very nice 18V Johnson Motor, this will be my babe... Motor, is quite powerful but no problem with a dimmer.


Started to making box.  10cm x 15 cm will be enough for all parts. I have 4mm plywood for this. Sides and top will 8mm, base will 12mm. Marked and cut.








All parts are in place. I need some practice on soldering, I'm not sure If it works :) 




We're ready for first test. And, yes.. Dimmer worked, motor sounds nice  ;) :lol




And this. Socket for general adaptors. Guess, will work fine. 




Now, some sanding (!), painting and drilling work to do.. 





Will continue, 


Thanks for your time,





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Hey Jud, 


Up side will have some holes for air access. In to do list for tomorrow. 


I've used that transformer before with same motor, did not noticed any heat problem. But we will see of course :) If I need a cooler, a PC fan will be fine I guess. And have enough space for this upgrade.


Thanks for looking in and your important advice.



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