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A serving machine that serves you well

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These are the words, that Maurice used when he got his little serving machine.


So here comes my interpretation of it.




Famous for my lifetime-supply of old Fischer-Technics (luckily my son never was interested in), it can be either turned by hand ...




... or the motor can be switched down. As it is works by friction and not by the gearwheel, the drive can be stopped easily while working just by holding the axis if any correction is needed




I did not use hooks but tubes, a wire is used to get the lines through ...




... and the other side is hold by a toothpic squeezed into the tube. Like this I can shift the serving area to the left or right if longer distances are needed.




First tests on the trials of the mainstay show a nice result, still showing the structure underneath.




But it not just works for the big ones, here are the tests for the thinner ropes, this one 0,5 mm thick.




Here some serving tests. Right the 3/0 fly fishing yarn with the charm of dental floss - very uncool. On the left my usual 8/0 yarn, much better :-) After serving a touch of CA on the ends, still some diluted white glue along the sausage. And juch-huui!


Still tried the 6/0 one, the black one on the right, that is a tad thicker and goes therefore faster in serving, that it will be.




Also tried the direction of serving. Going with the cuntlines - here serving rightwards - results in the serving line getting stuck in the groove and running of, like seen on the right side of the orange one. So always against the cuntlines, that it means :-)


And the result? The modelling ropes have the bad habit to flatten if taken around sharp turns. Totally uncool. Not with Dr. dafis non-patented serving machine! Here a rope of 0,5 mm wraps itself gently around a 0,5 mm drill and nicely keeps its form.




And smaller parts? No prob, if well planned, some of these can be ...




... nicely placed on the same line like Münchhausens duck hunting :-)




So have a nice day until it will be shouted again: "Mom, he did it again!!!"


Sincereily, dafi


PS: This kind of machines can be found in many variations on the net, either to buy or DIY. But this was a great opportunity to proove dear darling wife that it was a wise decision to keep all these items in the cellar, and not to sell, swoop, give as present - or even through away - already many years ago ... XXXDAN
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Dr Dafi -- A nice machine, nice illustrations.  And your wife should definitely be delighted that you've made such outstanding use of those Fischer Technics.  But what's she going to say when you start buying more to build serving machines for all your admiring friends?



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