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Occre Apostol Felipe netting

Canada Steve

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Hi all

 I am currently rigging up my Apostol Felipe  and I was wondering if anybody has any ideas about the netting that is rolled up along the catwalk which runs down the centre of the ship . I have absolutly no idea what the pupose of it would be . I plan on leaving it off unless someone has a solid idea as to why it would be there. this is a link (if it works) http://www.occre.com/model-ship/galleon-apostol-felipe.html#!prettyPhoto[media_gallery]/5/   if not just go to the Occre site and look it up , if its not too much trouble.


I have pretty much treated the ship as a bit of a flight of fancy anyway , I've made changes purely for astetic reasons and not worried about it being historically accurate . Thanks in advance  Steve

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