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Mamoli HMS Victory 1:90


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Hi all,

I've been waiting for the forum to be back online so I could check out if this kit was worth starting. 

You know, reading through the logs etc. 

What a bummer!  :rolleyes:

Anyway, got a chance to get this one for a third of the retail price. 

Having read a lot of bad feedback concerning Mamoli I wonder if it's worth the trouble even for that price....


Any points of view?






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I've been building this kit for some time now - almost finished the Standing Rigging. I had a build log here, but like all the others it seems to have gone up in smoke.


To answer your question, while I would not particularly recommend the Mamoli kit, it is probably no worse than any of the usual kit manufacturers. If you are prepared to a bit (or a lot) of kit bashing, it will make into a nice model. If you decide to go ahead, I can give you a few pointers about where the instructions might lead you astray early on.




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i wouldnt buy it for that money. especially when hes trying to push you. perhaps he knows something you do not.

 i just got a very nice deal. Victory from DeAgostini, whole set for aprox 300eur. the scale is bigger, easier to create all details. if even that one is worth it i will leave to others, as it is my first ever model, so i do not know much about these...


Pavol stands for Paul, Pablo, Paolo etc. Please do not try to pronounce it, just call me Pav...

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